With 955 207 bearers, Krzysztof is the 5th most common masculine given name in Poland (2014 Data).

Krzysztof Penderecki is a Polish composer.
Another famous bearer is Krzysztof Miętus who is a known ski jumper.
Krzysztof Kamil Baczyñski (22nd January 1921 - 4th August 1944) - one of the greatest Polish poets and - for sure - the greatest from those who lived and wrote during the Second World War. All his poems are very mature and beautiful, full of sounds and dark colours. He wrote about war and God, but the most wonderful are his love poems, created for his wife, Barbara.

They got married very early as if they knew that there is not much time left, as if they knew that none of them would survive. They were both killed in the Warsaw Uprising that begun the 1st August 1944. Krzysztof died in the 4th day of fights, and because Warsaw was one great battleplace there was nobody to inform his family about this tragedy.

Barbara didn't know that her husband is dead when the 31st August she was badly injured in her head. She died the next day holing in her hands Krzysztof's poems. Before she died she said: 'Now I know that Krzysztof's dead. That's why I don't want to live anymore.'

After war Krzysztof's mother, Stefania, supported the rumour that Barbara was pregnant.
A new version of this name was made in 1973 in England by a half English, half Polish mother. Not quite liking the abrasive spelling, she rewrote the name until it became KRYSTEFF and gave it to her first born.

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