I hate my name, it's boring and basic, I prefer other names, might change it when I'm a grown up.
My first name is Kyla, but my teachers ALWAYS call me Kayla. I have given up. It is hopeless. Love the name though! Never have met another Kyla.
Hmm... I much prefer Kylie. This one is alright but not really my interest.
I don't like it. I love Kylie and Kyleigh but I hate this!
Alright, I prefer this to Kylie now as it sounds more mature and lacks the trendy vibe Kylie carries, but I still don't really like it.
I disagree with -someone. Kylie is prettier, and it doesn’t sound old ladyish. I prefer Kylie over this. This also looks incomplete.
Even worse than Kylie.
It's not that pretty to me. I prefer Kylie, and I don't like Kylie either.
I don't like this name, or Kylie.
My grandmother's name was Kyla, she was born in 1908 in Ireland. I'm not sure if it's actually Irish, but she was born, raised, and died in Ireland.
Melanie Alvarez (born Melanie Hernandez Calumpad), better known by her stage name Kyla, is a Filipino R&B singer-songwriter, occasional actress and presenter.
Not very pretty.
My first name is Kyla, but my teachers ALWAYS call me Kayla. I have given up. It is hopeless. Love the name though! Never have met another Kyla and I feel different.
This is my name. It is often mispronounced as Kayla, which drives me crazy. I usually give a false name at Starbucks ;)
See also, Irish/Gaelic name "Cadhla", pronounced KY-la.
I was named Kyla due to the Gallic meaning to come calmly and to be beautiful. I hated my name so much as a child and teen. Lol everyone pronounces it wrong when they read it always say Kayla!? I’m like it’s KYLA! KY-LA! I’m 37 now and gave up on correcting everyone. Now I say with a shake of my head just call me Ky. I’m surprised when people say it correctly and I’m so thankful to have this name. I’ve never met another Kyla and now I’m seeing my name everywhere it’s truly special to be unique if only we Kyla’s can get people to read and say it properly all would be great lol. FYI you never hear anyone pronounce Kyle as Kayle? Hmm...lmao.
Better, more mature, and less common than Kayla.
I've had the name 39yrs now, and admit I wasn't a fan when I was younger, though I've grown to feel it fits me well (not sure what that will mean to those who say it's 'ugly') as being different, unique, and uncommon. While I've rarely needed to correct people's pronunciation of my name (usually only people doing it intentionally to be rude), the SPELLING chosen by my mother has meant endless corrections and arguments- Kylha. Yup, there's an unnecessary 'h' that you don't even pronounce. Thanks Mom. (Tip from my father- laugh at the end of the name, Kyl-hahaha. Thanks Dad) And I was told Kyla/Kyle derived from Conan, commonly meaning/referencing barbarian. I'm not sure how accurate that is, but it always made me laugh, lol.
This is really ugly.
My name is Kyla, my mother named me after a character in a movie called Losing Isaiah. Halle Berry played the character but it was spelled differently. My mother also said the name was short and sweet, and I’d like to say she is a very simplistic person. Very simple, doesn’t like too many extravagant things. I am 18 years now and I’ve grown to love my name. A lot of people get it confused with Kayla and sometimes Kyra or Kiya but now I’m used to it. I don’t even correct them at times.
My name is Kyla Ann and I was born in 1954. So I could be the original. For years I heard of no one else with the name. Now it is more popular. I have enjoyed this thread! I get many compliments on the name. I am constantly correcting people on the pronunciation.
I named my daughter Kyla and her middle name is Ryanne. So it is Kyla Ryanne and I love it.
My first name's Kyla. Second name, Soraya. I actually love my name but when others call me with a mispronounced 'Kyla', I get annoyed. So that's why I settle with my nickname 'Aya', derived from 'Soraya'. I just found out that 'Kyla' means victorious. It rings a bell.
This is my name, and I love it. It wears well (I'm 40), and is unique and in my opinion, beautiful. I've noticed in the past few years that more and more seem to get it right--perhaps as the (I'm sorry) unattractive Kayla fades in popularity a bit. If it is pronounced incorrectly, that's what I get (Kayla).

It's derived from the Gaelic Cadhla (a word used mostly in poetry), so is an Irish name with real roots, meaningful, beautiful.
In January 1999, I named my daughter Kyla Ashlin. My husband and I saw the name in a Celtic baby name book. When I saw the meaning I knew I had to name my daughter Kyla. It said "So beautiful that only poets can describe her." She is a beautiful young woman with blond hair and blue/green eyes and fair skin. I have never regretted one day for one moment giving her the name Kyla!
Butterflyme, I named my daughter Kyla Shae in July 1999 after finding the same meaning (so beautiful only a poet's words can describe her) in a name book. It said it was Scotch Gaelic (Scottish). I've since found the same meaning online and took a screenshot to show my daughter, as we can never find that name book.
That is NOT the meaning. No name has that meaning.
Kyla is my name. I love how it is unique. So many people call me Kayla but I still love my name.
My name is Kyla and as said before, people mis-say the name TONS! I don't get it- people say they love my name... I hate it! It doesn't even seem normal! I just want to be like the other girls, like the name Ashley- I love that name! But I got stuck with Kyla. I know people think it's a pretty name and all that, but I hate it. I am always asked "Is that your real name?" it's so annoying always having to correct people because they never say my name right. No one does! It's so annoying!
My name is Kyla and I like to think of myself as the "original" as I was born in 1957.
I love the name... It's my daughter's name. I have 3 boys and she is my youngest and only girl. I wanted something special but kinda different! Her middle name is RaeLynn, Rae is my sisters middle name and Lynn is my husband whose sister passed middle name, and Linda is my moms name, I love the combination, and it really represents family. People call her Kayla all the time! Sounds just the way it sounds... Ky la! I think the names great, and she likes it too! Only problem is it's hard to find personalizations, my name is same way!
I love the name Kyla- my mom gave it to me so I think it is a gorgeous name to name your child.
My name is Kyla, and I simply love it! All of my friends and family call me "Ky". I really like that nickname too. It seems to suit me very well, kinda spunky and very unique. I do have problems with many people mispronouncing my name, constantly, but it is worth it to me. For every person who mispronounces it, someone else tells me how absolutely beautiful my name is. I have only ever met 2 other "Kyla"s and both of those women were amazing and beautiful women, inside and out. When I was young I never understood why my mom didn't name me "Ashley" or "Amanda" or even "Brooke", but now I definitely see the appeal in giving your daughter a unique name. I thank my mom all the time for my name. I am the ONLY person on fb with my first and last name combination, and I think that it is awesome. Lol! :)
My name is Kyla and really, I don't like it. Working in retail as upper management, I've had problems in meetings and with customers. Most of it because of it sounding fake or just the constant mispronunciation. Then again, I never liked it growing up either. Nicknames never stuck (except Killa but hey, can't use that in public.) Really, after deciding I was too lazy to legally change my name, I just got to the point of answering to whatever attempt people make then watching the blood drain out of their faces when they hear the correct version later. Just a heads up, if you want to name your kid something unique, just try something that's been around but don't hear often, (Where I live, there are almost no Sabrina's, hence, I named my daughter that. Easy to spell and pronounce at least.)
Hey everyone my name is Kyla, I have loved my name ever since I was a little girl, I find it is unique and special. It has an awesome meaning behind it but if there is one thing I cannot stand it is the way people pronounce my name, I get called kayla, karla, kylie, kathy. My name is special and I wish people would learn how to pronounce my name properly!
My name is Kyla and most people call me Ky for short. I love my name & get compliments all the time on how unique & pretty my name is. The down side is I've been asked on many different occasions if I was a stripper & that was my stage name. I'm a pretty good lookin girl but dang, people, REALLY! I've had to whip out my license to prove it was my real name & not a stage name! The worst is when people can't read or say my name right & always call me Kayla or Kylie. I correct people immediately & teach them basic English and how to pronounce my name it's Ky... la. The A makes the Y sound like a i. Basic English right there folks! I've even had to sing the La part to get people to pronounce it right! LoL.
My name is Kyla and I haven't had much of a problem with people pronouncing it although people have accidentally called me Kayla a few times out of habit. I'm the only one at my school with my name, I like that it's original.
Kyla Ross (born 1996 in Honolulu, Hawaii) is an American gymnast. She is part of Team USA's "Fab Five" who won the gold medal in the 2012 Summer Olympics.
Kyla is a variant of the Hebrew name Kelila. It means Crowned.
A friend of mine named her daughter Kyla, but she insists on pronouncing it as "kay-la". The girl is now five and constantly has to correct people and tell them she's "Kayla", not "KYE-la". Lately she's given up and now responds to both pronunciations. How sad?

I hate the name "KYE-la" in general, but when people begin mispronouncing such a ghastly phonetic slur, I cannot help be question its increasingly negative appeal.
This is my nickname and I'm so pleased everyone likes it. I'm called Michaela which is strangely pronounced me KIE la. :)
I don't like this name. It seems like a forced feminine version of Kyle, and letters seem kind of stuffed. I think this isn't a pleasant name, but anyone who likes it is free to use it.
A famous bearer is Kyla Pratt from the show One on One.
This name is actualy Irish, I know because it says it in seven diferent books and websites. It is also my name and I know a lot about it.
In many name books and websites it says that the meanings of this name are the following:
Beautiful inside and out
(this one is my favorite and is actually in a name book)
So beautiful only poets can describe her
Kyla cannot possibly be Irish, as the letters "k" and "y" do not exist in Irish, and never have. I hate when people make up Irish origins for names, when really there is no way that name could be. "Kyla" means nothing to an Irish speaker.

And yes, this website does say that Kyle is derived from the Irish word "caol" meaning "slender", but really the pronunciation of "caol" barely resembles Kyle, much less Kyla.
Kyla doesn't age too well in my opinion, but I see the appeal.
I had never heard of the name until I met a girl at school with it. And I think it is very cute.
I have to contribute my love again for the name Kyla, I love it so much! It's such a great name! It's short, modern, and I can really imagine a gorgeous young woman with a name such as Kyla! I also like Kyra a lot but somehow, somehow Kyla outdoes Kyra even by just a tad bit. :)
Just gorgeous, what else must be said? It's a stunningly beautiful name for a spunky, elegant, little girl and gorgeous woman. I picture a little Kyla with blonde hair made into pigtails and blue eyes smiling. I wish I had the opportunity one day to name my daughter Kyla. I liked a LOT of names before, but Kyla somehow outdoes them all. It's quite modern in my opinion, and just awesomely adorable.
It's my name. And people misspell it and mispronounce it a lot.
My name and I love it! The only problem is that people often mispronounce it. They'll call me Kaylee, Kylie, and once I got Kyler, lol.
Kyla is an awesome name for a girl. It is pretty, dainty and not overused.
There is Kyla Pratt, the actress.
This is my absolute favorite name. It's beautiful.
I love the name Kyla. It is so pretty and feminine. In BC for the year 2004, 37 girls were named Kyla.

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