I love the name Laelia. It's pronounced LIE-lee-a. The only thing I'd be a bit worried about is that people would pronounce it all kinds of ways and that it would get confused with similar names like Lilia, Livia or Lydia.
― Anonymous User  2/21/2021
Ugh, no. Sounds whiny and looks wack.
noisynora  1/17/2021
I love it!
Inxpect  11/17/2020
Wow! This is one gorgeous name!
kayisforkeen  7/30/2018
The name Laelia was given to 5 girls born in the US in 2016.
― Anonymous User  2/28/2018
This is a nice alternative to Lily if you want an uncommon floral name.
WGaskins  1/28/2018
I saw in another page, that Laelia means "lunar", although I'm not sure at all. Pretty name anyway, sounds like a princess in a fantasy novel.
― Anonymous User  8/15/2016
I think going back to ancient times for names can be very charming!
lilpimpteller  7/20/2015
This name is bloody gorgeous! :D.
― Anonymous User  9/30/2014
Lay lee uh?

It's cute.
― Anonymous User  9/4/2014
My name is Laelia- my dad, who is a horticulturist, named me after his favorite species of orchid. Mine is pronounced like this: "Lail-lee-uh". I have seen online all possible pronunciations. My dad always said my name was a "double-diphthong" because of the vowels "ae" forming a combination of sounds. Between the two "l"s the "ae" takes on the sound "L-ay-el" which when said together makes the English "lail" sound. But I have read two different opinions that the Latin pronunciation (Laelia is originally Roman) of an "ae" takes on both the "i-eee" sound (as in the word "eye" or the short "e" sound as in "set". So, my name could originally have been pronounced "L-eye-lee-uh" or "Lel-lee-yah" Many languages around the world have variations of this name too- I have met people from Persia, Latin America, Europe, who all say they have versions of Laelia in their languages! So, basically there are a lot of pronunciations! (Mine is the best, though-heehee).
Laelia  3/30/2011
On under the pronunciation of the flower name it is Lee-Lee-Uh.
Ranchie  11/16/2009
I like this name a lot. It is very similar to a Persian name transliterated Lailiya.
ponine  8/25/2008
Neat name.
lowcal historyan  11/11/2007
Laelia probably means "lunar".
It is the part of a puzzling alchemical inscription (Aelia Laelia Crispus) found in Bologna, which some have theorized is a representation of two beings (Aelia and Laelia) who are united in a single subject, Crispy "curly", with Aelia being "solar" and Laelia being "lunar" while Crispus, a combination of both, is the basic of all life: neither man or woman, a mixture of both.
Florabel  7/27/2007
No matter how it's pronounced I think that this name is really beautiful and would definitely use it for a future daughter.
writing the world  6/15/2007
In Latin, the "ae" is pronounced like the letter I or the word eye in English. So I pronounce it LIE-lee-a.
Laurea  4/3/2007
This name is pronounced LAY-lee-ah or LIE-lee-a (at least when pronounced as the flower is).
Rosethorn08  9/18/2006

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