A feminine Afghan name which means “flower” in the Pashto language.
Laleh Pourkarim is a Swedish singer-songwriter and former actress. Following a short acting career, she entered the music industry in 2005 with her self-titled debut album which peaked at number one in Sweden and went on to become the highest selling album of the year.
This is the Persian form of the Turkish name Lale (already on the site).
Another form of the word LALEH can be found in the Romanian language: LALEA, which means naturally "tulip".
The name Laleh actually involves much more than a simple translation of the word "tulip." Used often in poetry, this tulip is used as a symbol often. Supposedly a tulip grew on the grave of the young martyrs.
A young Swedish singer bears this name.
A famous bearer was one of the conjoined Iranian twins Laleh and Laden Bijani 1974-2003 who sadly passed away during an operation to separate them. They were only 29.
I think this name is beautiful and exotic, it reminds me of a lush, fresh tulip and long eyelashes.

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