For me, Lamar conjures up images of a wise, soft-spoken black man who doesn’t talk a lot, but when he does everyone listens because it’s meaningful. Obviously not everyone named Lamar is going to be that person but it’s what my brain defaults to when I think of it. I think that’s a great association, I like this name a lot.
I love this name. Any little bit I might one day have will be called Lamar because it is a really gentle sounding boys name.
This is a highly stereotypical name. Lamar is mainly a black person's name. I would not call a white boy Lamar.
The suffix "mar" comes from Roman descent (Marcus). The "La" is of French origin. You will see racists call this name ugly, tacky, or ghetto but it is only because this name became a trend in the black community. But in full reality this name, like most names (whether or not they were created by black people) has no race. White people have this name because it has 100% European roots. Nothing is ghetto about most of the names that many black people wear.
Lamar Seeligson Smith is a US representative from Texas that proposed the controversial Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) in 2011.
One of Calpurnia Tate's brother's is named Lamar.
It reminds me of a lemur.
The name Lamar was given to 228 boys born in the US in 2016.
More than 99.9 percent of people with the first name Lamar are male.
Not my favorite name, but it's not a bad one. I can picture it on men of all ages, though it's a little boring and doesn't sound particularly original.
My middle name is Lamar I don't think it sounds that bad to have, it's a good name.
I'm surprised no one mentioned Lamar Odom, a former NBA basketball player.
Guilty like this name but would never use it for an actual child. "Lamar" 100% sounds like a black name. And a highly stereotypical one at that.
Kendrick Lamar (1987- ) is a Grammy-nominated rapper. His birth name is Kendrick Lamar Duckworth.
The wizard Lamar joined up with the powerful sorceress Lady Hurtwick to help destroy King Marcus. He failed in his attempts and was killed by Hurtwick after betraying her in a mad rage.

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