Sue Ann Langdon, an actress.
Was given to 22 boys in America in 2014.
It's a nice departure from the ever increasingly popular Landon, which by the way is getting pretty tiresome. In the last year I've known of at least a dozen Landons. Langdon is much better, it has more personality.
Michael Langdon was an English bass singer.
Writer Mark Twain had a son named Langdon that died at 19 months of age. It was his first born child.
It's highly surname-y, and it sounds pretentious and stuck up as a first name.
This is the surname of Royston Langdon, a former member of the band 'Spacehog', and the husband of Liv Tyler.
The surname of the hero of 'The Da Vinci Code', Robert Langdon.
This was the name of the boy Lisa Simpson from "The Simpsons" had a crush on, Langdon Alger. He was "very quiet and enjoyed puzzles."

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