People are very racist these days. Lashonda is such a nice-sounding name.
Y u c k.
It may be old and maybe Urban and maybe ghetto it may just mean pretty but at the end of the day my name is what you make it and who you want to be. I love my name because what it means is true in so many ways so bless all who read this comment.
Tacky, trashy, awful name.
Worse than Shonda.
Sounds like some urban name from 1990. Either way I don’t like this name.
Eew. So trashy and nasty.
This name is very ugly. It's at least as bad as Shaniqua, if not worse.
Shonda in itself is a hideously ugly, harsh-sounding name.
I imagine this name becoming a generic thing. Like Fido for dogs and Polly for parrots. Pretty soon people will say "She's a LaShonda."
Does "LaShonda" even mean anything other than just looking "pretty"?

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