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Also means plough in Catalan, according to Google Translate.
From the Latin root "Laura;" Feminine form of "Lawrence"Literal Meaning: "Crown of Laurel Leaves"
Natural Meaning: "Victorious"
Spiritual Meaning: "Victorious in Spirit"A crown of laurel leaves is bestowed upon the winner of a race (the one who is victorious)Research into the characteristics of this namesake:- Believes in doing her best
- Has a high endurance
- Is not jealous of competitors or those who excel
- Is polite, refined and well-spoken
- Is warm and sincere with her family
- Greatness is in her looks; resolved and brave
- Is quick-witted and often very clever
- Is a woman of many virtues
Laura can be derived from Laurentius (feminine Laurentia), meaning "someone from Laurentum". Laurentum was an ancient city in Roman Empire.

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