Gender Feminine
Pronounced Pron. LAWR-ə(English)
LOW-ra(Spanish, Italian, Romanian, Polish, Czech, Slovak, German, Dutch)
LOW-rah(Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish)

Meaning & History

Feminine form of the Late Latin name Laurus, which meant "laurel". This meaning was favourable, since in ancient Rome the leaves of laurel trees were used to create victors' garlands. The name was borne by the 9th-century Spanish martyr Saint Laura, who was a nun thrown into a vat of molten lead by the Moors. It was also the name of the subject of poems by the 14th-century Italian poet Petrarch.

As an English name, Laura has been used since the 13th century. Famous bearers include Laura Secord (1775-1868), a Canadian heroine during the War of 1812, and Laura Ingalls Wilder (1867-1957), an American author who wrote the Little House on the Prairie series of novels.

Related Names

VariantsLora, Loreen, Lorene, Loretta, Lorinda, Laurinda(English) Lavra(Slovene)
DiminutivesLaureen, Laurene, Laurie, Lori, Lorie, Lorri, Lorrie, Lauressa, Laurissa(English) Laurita(Spanish) Lauretta, Loretta(Italian) Laurie(Dutch)
Masculine FormsLauro(Italian) Laurus(Late Roman)
Other Languages & CulturesLaure, Laurette, Laurine, Lorette(French) Lára(Icelandic) Lowri(Welsh)
User SubmissionLaùra


Laura de Noves, love of PetrarchLaura de Noves, love of Petrarch

People think this name is

classic   formal   upper class   natural   wholesome   refined   simple   serious   nerdy  

Name Days

Croatia: June 17
Croatia: July 4
Croatia: August 10
Czechia: June 1
Estonia: January 18
Finland: January 18
Hungary: June 17
Italy: October 19
Latvia: April 18
Lithuania: June 17
Lithuania: October 19
Poland: June 17
Slovakia: June 5
Spain: October 19
Sweden: January 15


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Entry updated November 20, 2020