Eva Marie Saint named her daughter Laurette.
Laurette is a really pretty name. I like this spelling too. I think it would be a very nice first or middle name.
Laurette is my last name, I live in New Brunswick, that's on the east coast of Canada. There aren't many Laurette's here, I know of probably 15 of them, and they are ALL my close family! I haven't ever even heard the last name (spelled the way "we" do). But there are other variations, Lirette, Lorette, but as I said, not many Laurette's, I have a son, and he will hopefully carry on my name, he's only 16, so not for a while!
A famous bearer of this name was the great American actress of the stage, Laurette Taylor.
I simply love names that end it "ette"! This is my mother's middle name. I didn't know it was so uncommon, it sounds like a relatively normal name. And it's such a great extra-girly alternative to the much plainer Lauren.
I actually think this is very pretty. Very uncommon, though.

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