Also Estonian: [noted -ed]
Lauri is one of the Jukola brothers from Aleksis Kivi's novel 'Seitsemän veljestä' (Seven Brothers). Kivi, his book and the brothers are all icons in Finnish culture.
I hear a lot of people talking about Finnish Lauris, but what about Lauri Törni? He was a famous Finn who ended up in the American army and died in the Vietnam War.
I think that it is a cute name and it is youthful and mature.
The pronunciation of this name, as many people think, is not like English LAW-ra (Laura), it's not LAW-ree, it's LOW-ri.
Name of the Lead Singer of popular Finnish Band: The Rasmus, Lauri Ylönen.
The singer from the band the Rasmus has the name Lauri and it's an unusual name. I read somewhere it means victorious.

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