Love ❤️.
I think that I MAY be in the minority but, I think this is a LOVELY elaboration of Laura that is modeled to look like Melissa and Alyssa. I think that double 's' looks really pretty on a young girl. Great blend of Laura and Melissa!

Oh! And you should look out for the nicknames Laurie/Lori, LaLa, Rissa/Rissie, Lissie/Lissa, Lari and one of MY favourites: Liss!
Also, check out my honorable mentions for this: Marisa, Charisse, Alicia and Laurina/Laurine.
It looks like a forced, made up name.
I think this is a lovely name! It's so pretty and not very common. Nicknames could be: Laur, Laurie, Rissa, Ris, Lauris, Rissie.
This name is so cute! I would think this is a combination of `Lauren` and `Marissa`.

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