My cousin's name is this and I think it is a beautiful name!
― Anonymous User  1/31/2021
I can imagine a bully with this name who thinks she’s “perfect”.
Inxpect  12/28/2020
This looks like somebody made a clerical error in writing Lavinia, and it stuck. (Needless to say, I vastly prefer Lavinia.)
erb816  6/9/2020
kayisforkeen  10/26/2018
I know a woman named Lavina who pronounces it "Lah-VINE-uh."
Rin_0911  6/30/2012
Lavinah Jackson-Murphy (1809-1847) was the head of one of the families of the unfortunate Donner Party. A careworn widow from from western Tennessee, Mrs. Murphy was traveling with with her seven children (Sarah Foster, 20; Harriet Pike, 18; John Landrum Murphy, 16; Meriam (Mary) Murphy, 14; Lemuel Murphy, 12; William Murphy, 10, and Simon Murphy, 8); Sarah and Harriet's husbands, William Foster (30) and William Pike (31); and three grandchildren, toddlers Jeremiah George Foster and Naomi Pike, and baby Catherine Pike.
Levinah Murphy cared for her younger children, her three grandchildren, and other children whose parents had died or left to find help; her two eldest daughters and remaining son-in-law, William Foster, had left to find help. Sadly, Mrs. Murphy was powerless to help the hungry children in her care and she herself died in late March, 1847, before the fourth rescue team came. Only her two youngest sons, her three daughters, son-in-law William Foster, and granddaughter Naomi survived.
gaelruadh19  1/8/2012
My name is LaVenna pronounced La Vee na. My parents made up the spelling. I don't care much for my name.
LaVenna  7/30/2007
Lavina means in Czech "avalanche".
Maggie_Simpson  9/29/2006
Yes, it does mean Lady of Rome. This is my name also.
JungKyungSoon  6/2/2006
My name is LaVina. I was born in 1978. I noticed that it doesn't show that the name was used in that time frame. So I wanted to say otherwise. I have also looked up the meaning and it is rather hard to find it under LaVina but I found it once and it was said to mean woman of Rome.
liv4pete  11/29/2005

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