I find Wanda to be a beautiful name. Regarding this name, it's not necessarily the supposed prefix that bothers me but just how displeasing it sounds. Perhaps someone with East Indian heritage, like "Lawanda" who commented could carry it differently, otherwise, I agree, this joins a specific category of tacky and unappealing names. Just don't spell it LaWanda or
La Wanda and completely sink any redeemable qualities.
An even uglier version of the ugly name Wanda. A definite HELL NO for this name.
Sounds ugly and reminds me of Rwanda.
Terrible, harsh and tacky.
LaWanda Page plays Esther on Sanford and Son.
Yuck. This is an ugly, laughable name.
I don't even like Wanda. The prefix makes it sound very ugly and trashy.
To a United States citizen, this name smacks of poverty and it sounds like a Japanese speaker trying to say "Rwanda".
The Japanese language doesn't have the "L" sound, actually. This name does indeed sound like "Rwanda", though.
I am from a small community in India. My name "Lawanda" means one who has come "to protect or shield."

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