Lane is nicer. It looks more classic and elegant and not as trendy.
Layne Reed is a 12 years old girl, who is the main character in the Disney Channel mini-series "Fast Layne". It's about her discovering the secret project V.I.N., a futuristic, intelligent and empathetic car created by her parents, who are inventors in the Government. V.I.N. can be only driven by members of the Reed family; but Layne shares her secret with her new neighbor and friend Zora. But there are two villains who want to steal V.I.N....
I won't do any spoilers. I just hope Disney will realize a second season of "Fast Layne".
I actually know a girl whose name is Layne. It's not bad actually :D.
I can see this name more for a girl than a boy. A really nice middle name choice, as a first name I prefer it to be pronounced lay-nee.
"Parents... don't let your child be named Layne... Especially if it's a boy..."
I forget who sang it but it still rings true.
I love everyone using this in honor of Layne Staley and would love to use it for a middle name someday.
The name Layne was given to 337 boys born in the US in 2016.
More than 99.9 percent of people with the first name Layne are female.
I think this name is better on a girl, but it's nice either way.
My name is Layne and I am a girl. I have met four people in 36 years that share my name spelled with a "y". Two were male and two were female and all pronounced it "lane" as if rhyming with train or rain. I believe the most common meaning for my name is "from the narrow road", which is also the definition for a lane you drive on.
I have noticed more and more people considering Lane for a boy and the spelling Layne for a girl as if the 'Y' somehow feminizes it.
I named my son Layne in 2003 after Layne Staley from Alice n Chains. We always call him Layney. It is uncommon and it suits him very well.
I love this name because of Layne Stanley.
Very nice name! I'm thinking about giving it as a middle name for my future son.
Can also be pronounced as Lay-nee. I have a friend who's legal name is this and pronounced this way.
What a beautiful name for a guy. It is delicate and masculine in the same time. Moreover, it reminds me of Layne Staley, one of the best singers of our time.
Layne Beachley is an Australian surfer, who has won the World Championship several times.
This is my dad's as well as my uncle's name. They are the only Layne's I know, and I think it suits them. The name seems different, like it's not the same name when we're talking to or about them.
The only Laynes I know are girls.
In the book I'm reading (The Summer of Light by W. Dale Cramer), Layne is a woman.
A bearer of this name was Layne Staley, who was the lead singer and rhythm guitarist for the band Alice in Chains.
"Arnold Layne" is a Pink Floyd song.
Layne is pronounced LANE, as in "Down the Lane". Which is also one of the meanings. My cousin's name is Layne Weston.

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