I like this name if it was pronounced Lane. I think it's interesting.
I think this name is pretty, but it's a bit too plain and simplistic for my tastes. It feels like it should have another syllable. However, the variant Léana is gorgeous. I really like it. :) I think it's very pretty, elegant and feminine.
This name is pronounced LAYN. The same as "lane".
My birth name is Ellen and I am Irish. At school we used the Irish version of our name and from early childhood I was told by teachers that the Irish version of Ellen is Eibhlin. So I have always used the name Eibhlin, pronouncing it Eileen. I have never heard of the name Lean before, though I think it is prettier than Eibhlin. Here in Ireland it would be pronounced 'Lane'. I am confused now as to the Gaelic version of Ellen I will use.
Lovely! It's simple yet elegant. A lovely variant of Helen.

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