Léonie is a French-Canadian Maplelea doll (essentially the Canadian version of American Girl dolls). From the Maplelea website: “Léonie always likes to look her best and takes particular care to co-ordinate her outfits. She comes wearing a detailed soft knit top, a skort made of a printed and embroidered fabric and dressy red boots. Her beautiful side-parted hair is honey brown and her eyes are hazel.” In this case, it is usually pronounced Lay-oh-NEE.
Famous bearer: Léonie Martin, French nun and sister of St. Therese of Lisieux. She is now herself a candidate for sainthood.
Such a beautiful name. It sounds good in French - not too sure about it in other languages/accents though. But I always picture a very sweet, yet strong female with this name.
Léonie Marie Julie Bathiat, known professionally as Arletty, was a French actress, singer, and fashion model.
It is pronounced [lay-ah-NEE] or [lay-o-NEE] in French (the first in Canada, the second in France).
The popularity of the name Léonie in france is quite similar to that of names like Charlotte and Lillian in the US. It was extremely popular in the beginning of the 20th century, became practically obsolete after the 40's, and received a huge revival beginning in the 90's. It is now more popular than ever.
The daughter of the actors Vincent Cassel and Monica Bellucci is called Léonie.
According to the acute accent, Léonie is pronounced, roughly, "lay-o-nee."
Leonie Rysanek, Austrian soprano. (Her name is evidently spelt without the accent; at least that is how it appears on every site I've managed to find it on.)
In Germany, it has been the post popular name several times recently, and it is pronounced Lay-oh-nee.
This is my Auntie's name and she is called Nonie for short.
It can be pronounced Lee-own-ie.
I pronounce it as Lasha16 says - Lee-OH-nee but I do get the other pronunciation as well. It's done me well for my first 31 years!

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