This is pretty.

I also like Leanna.
Okay so this is my name, and I feel it gets a lot of negativity which seems to mainly come from the USA. I am not American. I was born in 93 and this was a highly uncommon name. One thing I would say is that I detest how Americans say it with the over pronunciation of “Lee”. I have always pronounced my name similar to Lay-ann, as the name itself is French. It is not LeeAnn, and therefore does not need the extra e. I appreciate that for some reason this name is now associated in USA with “red necks”, but in the UK I don’t feel it has this connotation. I am happy to be one of very few Leanne’s.
I can't decide if I like Leanne or Leanna more. I love that it "sounds redneck" by the way.
I know a girl with this name and I’ve always found it pretty.
My name is Leanne, never really heard many with the same name :)
Sounds like a redneck name to me.
I am now 63 years old and was actually born Annette which I have hated all my life. This was my older sisters choice and my parents were planning on naming me Anita, which I am grateful for did not happen! I have changed my name quite a few times, but a year ago, after divorce and gaining American citizenship I have changed my full name and chose Leanne as my "given" name. I heard the name Leanne for the first time when I was 8 years old and have loved it ever since. I never felt comfortable with Annette, Debora or Terese, but I feel great with being a Leanne, and I never get anything other than, "Uuh! That's a very pretty name"! Whenever someone asks. So yes, I very much love the name Leanne and will keep it until I "check out"! I have not met anyone who had difficulty spelling it either.
I spell my name Lee-Anne. Nickname Lee Lee.
I worked at a nail spa owned by a Mandarin Asian family. They could not say my full name. So I told them to just call me Lee. They would, adding one more "Lee Lee do nails". I absolutely loved working with them.
However, on the down side my name is considered two words so if the DMV or health card or bank couldn't use (-) a dash then my name looked like this
Lee Anne. Thinking Anne was middle calling me Lee at the doctor's/pharmacy. I don't correct them anymore so I'm mostly called Lee.
I love all the ways to spell that name but I think Lianne is the best way.
I don't like this spelling. I think Liane is much prettier.
Leanne Del Toso is a 3.5 point wheelchair basketball player who represented Australia at the 2012 Summer Paralympics in London, where she won a silver medal. Diagnosed with chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy at the age of nineteen, Del Toso started playing wheelchair basketball in 2006. Playing in the local Victorian competition, she was named the league's most valuable player in 2007. That year started playing for the Knox Ford Raiders in the Women's National Wheelchair Basketball League. The following year, she was named the team's Players' Player and Most Valuable Player.
Am I the only one who spells it "LeAnne"? I absolutely hate my name. I have always hated my name. And don't even get me started on the fact that I DO NOT have a middle name! I felt like a freak in school. As a little girl in the 70s surrounded by Amy's and Sarah's and Becky's, I had to endure spelling my name each and every time someone asked me what my name was. When I'd meet new kids at the playground, I'd tell them my name was Jessica Birch. I figured those were two words that everyone knew how to spell. Even today, when asked my name by the StarBucks Barista, I always say "April" - can't spell that wrong. I mean do you really have to know how to spell Leanne when all you're going to do is shout out my name to pick up my drink? Who cares how you spell it, just so you know how to pronounce it! My mother thought she actually created the name. Well, the oldest Leanne I've ever met was in her 70s, so I guess the joke's on her... but I'm not bitter ;) When I got into the working world, I promptly dropped the capital A in the middle of my name - it just confused people. They would spell it "Le Anne" - do you see a space in my name when I sign my emails "LeAnne"? And then there's the odd junk mail I'd receive with my name simply spelled "Le". Please. Stop the madness. At least all that stopped when I dropped the capital A and now use "Leanne". Except, sometimes people called me "lean" - can't blame them really, Jeanne is spelled the same as Leanne but pronounced differently. Okay, I feel better now after venting about all of this. Thank you for listening :)
The name Leanne was given to 116 girls born in the US in 2015.
Leanne Wood: Plaid Cymru leader.
I think the name itself it "okay". It makes me think of the character Luanne from King of Hill so I have a negative connotation with it, as I always think of a stupid blonde girl.
The name Leanne was given to 134 baby girls born in the US in 2012.
Ugh! I hate this name. It's the past generation's equivalent of Kayla - a name created by combining two popular name elements, yet considered a legit name all because of its wide usage.

Leanne only brings up an image of a catty, lower-class redneck woman who never graduated from university, has a bunch of grown-up kids all from different fathers and still works at McDonalds.
It's a really lovely name, but I know a girl called this who used to be my friend but then she suddenly turned on me. For those reasons, I can't use it. I'm so annoyed this name was ruined for me!
Leanne is my middle name, it's pretty cute and I've never been bullied because of it.
It's a very pretty name and I think it's prettier spelt with an "e".
I love how the name curls on your tongue when you say it.
My friend's middle name is Lian pronounced like Leanne and her name is Chinese or Japanese, one or the other, meaning "Beautiful Oak Tree" or something like that.
A friend of mine spells it "Leighanne," which I always thought was pretty.
Leanne Lusk is a coast guard lieutenant and is included in the new book In Their Shoes by the author Deborah Reber.
Masculine namesake names: Leon, Leo, Leonard, Lionel, Liam, Lyon (French form of Leon), Lee, Lenny.
Those names are not the masculine namesake names of Leanne. If someone were to name their daughter after a Leon, it would make more sense to go with a female variant of Leon such as Leona or Leontina. The same would go for the other names such as Liam, where they might use a name such as Billie or Mina.

Personally, I do not like the name Leanne. It brings negative connotations to my mind, acknowledging a know-it-all person and a mentally ill relative, each who bare the name.
I agree with Leanne Christine about the hassles we Leanne's get over spelling our name. I've lived with this name for over 40 years now and it has had its "moments". Overall though, it's a good name and I only have two major complaints: It's an easy name to whine (try it -- esp. between the "e" and the "a") which is VERY annoying AND it's really a little girl's name. I'm more of a Eleanor now. You know what I mean? To Ranee: PLEASE if you choose this name, use the double "n". Do you know how many times I've been called, "lean"? Ok, it's better than "fat" but still. And just so you other Leanne's know, our name in French, when spoken, means "vine"! I live in France and whenever someone isn't quite getting my name, I mimic swinging on a vine and say, "Tarzan!" and they go, Oooh! Liane!" Oo la la! The bullying I got for having the name Leanne while growing up was, "pee-pan potty-head". Just FYI.
I like Leane or Liane, only one n. I'm not really fond of double letters.
This is my name! I love everything about it except the fact that it can be spelt so many different ways and poeple often spell it wrong. I like this spelling the best though and i'm glad my parents gave me this name along with the middle name Christine. I think it's a pretty name, not too common and I'm proud of it.
Leanne appears in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. She is Katie Bell's friend.
This is my cousin's name, I think it's really pretty.
Leanne is a pretty name. Makes a great middle name too.
Leanne is a pretty name and I like the fact that it's not too common. Leanne always stands out from the crowd more.

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