I love it, it's pretty. I like Leah and Beatrice but together they are lovely.
This is my great aunt's name. I like Leatrice because it sounds more unique. However, seeing that previous users dislike it, I wouldn't use this name. I would more likely use Beatrice, which is better than this name.
This name is so rarely used as to be considered unique. Frankly, it looks like a typo and also evokes imagery of lice.
Strangely, I like it. It's not really my usual taste, but I really dig it.
I think this name has a soft, pretty sound to it.
I don't like this name either. The spelling looks like "head lice". Ick.
I agree with a lot of previous users. Leatrice to me sounds like lettuce. I much prefer Leah, Lea or Lya if you really want the sound of Leah. No offense to anyone whose name this is!
It just doesn't sound right. It sounds sort of slimy and damp somehow.
Pronounced ley'-uh-triss. This was my grandmother's name, born 1912 in Kentucky.
If you want to use Leah and Beatrice, then name your daughter Leah Beatrice. Leatrice just doesn't work.
Dreadful! If you want to use more than one name, don't run them together into one; Anneliese, Maryanne, Pollyanna, and Annemarie put aside, don't do it.
A beautiful melodious name. I pronounce it lee a triss.
Hideous! It sounds like licorice, lice, or leach.
This name was borne by American silent movie star Leatrice Joy.

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