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In addition to being the source of the name Lech, the Lendians have given rise to the names of Poland in many foreign languages (for example, in Iran, Poland is called Lahestan, which is derived from the Lendians). Lechia is an obsolete name for Poland derived from the Lendians.
Buneary  5/10/2017
Makes me think of the word "lecher".
bananarama  11/25/2008
Kníže Lech je legendární postava českých a především polských dějin. Podle pověsti přivedl Poláky do Polska a založil Hnězdno. Lech byl mladší bratr praotce Čecha.

Prince Lech is a legendary character of Czech and Polish history. According a myth was the founder of the Polish people. Lech was the younger brother of forefather Čech.
Emilie007  10/8/2008
Specialists agree that the name Lech comes from a Slavic element "lest'" - a cunning action. So "lestek" is a cunning man.
prakash  5/16/2008
A famous bearer of this name is Lech Walesa, who founded the Solidarity movement in Poland in the 1980s and later became president of Poland.
gin_rummy  12/15/2005
This last name came from Poland. There was a king who's last name was Leshchinskiy somewhere in BC.
Natalie7  5/28/2005

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