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I question the meaning as deriving from leah, a clearing or field. I've read this all my life and thought, what kind of parent names their child Clearing or Field? The more obvious and sensible derivation is from leeward, alee and leery which would mean sheltered or protected. This not only makes more sense from the parents' perspective but also from a genealogical one as Leah is Gaelic and the AngloSaxons used feld and velt, which are not common names. Besides, it makes my name mean something much cooler, Lee Arthur, protected of Thor, versus field of Thor. Thor was not a farmer, he was a warrior.
leeward  5/10/2015
Lee, as a girl's name, can be used as a nickname for Leatrice.
― Anonymous User  8/5/2012
Well don't know if it's true, but my father said he named me Lee after the Chinese word for Victory. He served in the Royal Navy in the 50s/60s and spent a lot of time in Hong Kong.
LeeJ  7/13/2007
LeeJ, you were half correct. "Shengli (胜利)" is the full version of "victory" in Chinese, and the "Li/Lee" part of the word (利) actually means "benefit, advantage, favorable, and sharp.
XYKLONE  4/9/2018

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