Well, in the end, Lee is actually a very special name.Very few names can be used as first, middle or last and accepted by all.
Lee is one of the few.There are only 5 people names that are used worldwide - in all cultures.
There is one more I cannot think of at the moment.
Lee is also one of THE most common names in the world.Correct - The sun never sets on Lee.
I guess Lee got you in the end.
A similar name is the Norwegian female name Lie (LEE), deriving its use from the surname from the origin meaning "hillside". In Denmark, Sweden, other Nordic countries, the Netherlands, France and other French-speaking countries, it is a diminutive also used as a formal name.
Lee is more of a middle name. Leah (Lia) is the proper one for girls, instead of Lee.
Prior to the 21st century, Lee was more popular as a given name. Although in recent decades it may have seen more popularity as a middle name, it's not primarily or solely what it is. Lee is a unisex name, that historically speaking, began its use primarily as a given name / surname. The Hebrew / Biblical name Leah / Lia is not the same name. Lee, however, is sometimes used as the transliteration for a Hebrew unisex name.As all personal names do, their popularity and/or usage from decade to decade, or century to century may fluctuate and resurface but when not for legitimate linguistic reason, it doesn't and shouldn't remove their historical usage, nor mean that the resurgence of this or any other name will not again see more popularity as a given name or at a later point, again as a middle name or both.
In many cases, Lee is or can be spelled Lea or Leigh. Then, there are the other English versions Leie and Leagh. All also pronounced LEE, and whether as a given, middle or double name, all also good names. Lee, Leigh and Leagh are unisex. For a female, any of the versions is a great option. LeeLee / Leelee are also quite nice.
Lee is a cool name for anyone of any gender! I'm not a fan of the Robert E. Lee association, but I doubt it would be an issue. It's a very common name; it's my mom's middle name.
I've read through the comments with a few referring to Lee as a "filler name". I think the term and notion is misguided. It is not a filler, and though it may be a simple popular name that may not be everyone's preference, it's still a good one, and we can't assume why anyone is using it. What particularly makes Lee a bonafide given name is that in the English language, 'Lee' is a word meaning "shelter(ed), protection, haven, sanctuary". The word 'lea', same pronunciation (LEE), means "meadow, clearing, garden", and has been used in many poetic contexts. It's an anglisation of the Anglo-Saxon word 'lei', from Saxon 'loh', that in Old English evolved to 'leah', to 'legh' and then 'leigh' in Middle English and eventually 'lea'. In this context, personal names took the forms Lea, Leigh, Lee, Leie and Leagh. Lee is the name of a river in County Cork, Ireland, known as "River Lee", from Irish Gaelic "An Laoi" (The Lee). "Lee River" is also the name of a river and town in Manitoba, Canada. Different river, different spelling, same pronunciation, exists the "River Lea" in England, UK.The word 'laoidh' (LEE) is a Scottish Gaelic word, meaning "hymn, psalm, anthem, poem", which stems from an Old Irish word. "Laoidhigh" (LEEH), is an Irish Gaelic personal name, meaning "poetic".Lee can be a namesake, a family name, or a derivation of a family name of Anglo-Saxon descent, having spread to England and the Celtic countries of Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Lee is sometimes chosen as an English transliteration for the Hebrew word / name לִי "me", or the word / name לי "to me; for me" with the same pronunciation. It is also used as a transliteration for East Asian names. For others, it may just be a personal appreciation.
Whether a first or last name, Lee has a history and connection far beyond Robert E. Lee. Regardless, it is very narrow-minded and irrational to base any kind of value to a name with whomever had/has it. Many favourable and unfavourable people have same / similar names. A name isn't defined by anyone, but every individual defines it individually, and every name to be appreciated for the name itself.Lee is a simple, understated, classic name that holds a lot of character. It's unisex, with both strong and delicate qualities, and makes an attractive given, middle or double name. Caroline Lee Bouvier, who was always known by her middle name, became Princess Lee. Personally, Lee is among my most favourite names.
Too many people use it as a middle name because they don't know what name they should use.
Lee is a family name: My dad, brother, grandpa are all Lee. My Maternal grandpa's middle name is Lee. Other ancestors used "Lee" as a nickname to Leland or Leonard. The name Lee is growing on me. I always only saw it as a middle name but I'm starting to like it as as first. I'm also liking Leo, Leonel, Leeland, and Leonidas. So maybe Lee could be a nickname? But I would somehow love to honor the Lee's in my family. I think the name is used so much in families and as middle names that the Robert E. Lee association is not my first thought. Robert is one of the most popular boy names, even right now and nobody automatically thinks of Robert E. Lee.
I really like this name actually! Only as a nickname though.
Lee isn't an old man name. It's a good name.
I think this name sounds nice. Not a fan of the Robert E. Lee association. If you are thinking about naming your kid Lee to honor a Confederate general who fought to enslave people, maybe just don't ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.
Stupid, so outdated (like usable 60 years ago), weird, NOT sophisticated! I hate this! Reminds me of an old grandpa who is very un-educated, and is really old and ugly, and has weird, thick glasses. I CAN'T IMAGINE A MAN YOUNGER THAN 67 HAVING THIS NAME! WHO WOULD EVEN NAME A GIRL THIS? If so, the parents have lost their marbles. Don't name a kid this!
This name has no personality at all.
How can you like this name at all? Old man name! This name is so disgusting and stupid, and it reminds me of an old, poor man who has really ugly, thick glasses. It is even worse for a girl!
*Flinches*. EW EW EW. ABSOLUTELY ABHOR this! Can you imagine a little baby boy named LEE?! I SO agree with @Stars123.
In the video game Rayman 2: The Great Escape, there is a purple-haired fairy who gives the main character magic powers named Ly (pronounced the same as Lee).
Nickname for the name Ashlee.
I like this name, I'm a bit of grandpa I guess, I knit and have a cat. I like this name because it feels masculine and I like that. It's a name I'm considering after coming out as transgender.
Lee is a boys name only, hate it on a girl.
Well, looks boring, sounds boring. Well, just boring.
I can imagine the name of the Statue of Liberty is Lee Bertie.
Boring ¯\_(-_-)_/¯.
My way of having learned the meaning behind my name Lee, is I was taught its intended meaning is that Lee stands for protection. Meaning cover, safety, shelter, protection. Example in a sentence: Wear this in Lee of the storm's treacherous furry. I'll keep you in Lee.
Lee is a nice name for a boy. As for a girl, it’s cool and whatever. But I can only really see it as a middle name.
Leigh and Lee are wonderful names in my opinion.
Lee Ritenour is a famous smooth jazz guitarist.
Hmmmm maybe don't attribute the name to a confederate, whose entire platform was to keep other human beings as property. As someone with the name Lee, it makes me very uncomfortable.
I've always liked this name and eventually chose it for me after my transition, it is kinda common though. It is really interesting that it came from the civil war.
I have always hated this name, especially on women. Then I get married and it is my mother in law’s name. She really wants us to name a girl after her but I can’t bring myself to do it. It sounds especially bad with our last name. I feel so guilty but I cannot think of a more boring name.
I like it better for a middle name... My dad and brother both have Lee as a middle name. I wouldn't mind using it for a girl though.
This seems more like an Asian name than a British name.
I think it’s very boring and I prefer it for a boy.
I don’t like it, it’s a boring name. It would be better for a last name.
Looking through the comments, and I see a pattern. This is a name passed down through families for many people, myself included. It may not be your cup of tea, but it clearly is an honoring name and I respect that.
Lee Harvey Oswald, the assassin of John Kennedy, is an unfortunate famous bearer.
I prefer Lee for a boy, but I think it works as a nice middle name for either gender.
Lee is a family name on my mom's side. My Papa was given his middle name, Lee, to honor his grandma whose middle name was Lea. I, as a female, was given my middle name, Lee, to honor my Papa. My future child will also have this name to honor my Papa, whether that child is male or female matters not.
Lee Young-Li is a Chinese born poet and writer.
I don't know why, but I don't like Lee as a first name for girls, but I think it's okay as a middle name for girls.
I like Lee for a girl but, upon reading about its connection to a certain Civil War figure, now I need to find other namesakes or uses in order to salvage the name for me.
In 2018, 54 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Lee who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 814th most common female first name for living U.S. citizens.
It sounds weak and unsubstantial, many people use it as a filler middle name.
In 2018, 53 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Lee who is registered male with the Social Security Administration. It is the 329th most common male first name for living U.S. citizens.
This is a treasonous name. That is, if you're naming your child after the Civil War general. As an American I am offended when Southerners name their kids after prominent Civil War commanders.
As a child "Lee" reminded me of "flea". Lee is a boring filler name. Trying to class it up by spelling it Leigh is just pretentious.
Lee Unkrich (Born August 8, 1967) is an American animator and director best known for the Toy Story series and Coco.
Lee is the oldest Kanker sister from Ed, Edd, and Eddy.
Does anyone know about Alfred Clarence (Robert) Lee formerly Nye? He is thought to have changed his name and gone to the USA in 1920 but why and what happened next is a mystery.
Lee Meriwether was Miss America 1955. She went on to become an actress.
Both Lee and Kay could be used as good filler middle names if you can't come up with any. By the way, Lee is also a common Asian surname that means "plum", however, it was sometimes spelled differently. In China, Lee, as a surname, is spelled "Li".
A character on Naruto is named Rock Lee.
Pretty surprised nobody mentioned Lee Harvey Oswald, most famous for assassinating 35th president John F. Kennedy in 1963.
Lee is a VERY common surname in Korea.
I don't like this name, neither for males, nor females. Especially I don't like it as a middle name. It's rather boring in my opinion. I don't have anything against filler middle names, but this one seems like it's without personality. Goes well with every name, but maybe that's what some people like about it.
Lee is an Australian English male synthetic voice from Scansoft.
Emmy The Great's middle name is Lee. Her full name is Emma Lee Moss.
Lee Oskar is a Danish harmonica player, notable for his contributions to the sound of the rock-funk fusion group War, which he formed with Eric Burdon, his solo work, and as a harmonica manufacturer. He currently plays with 3 other original WAR band members, Harold Brown, Howard Scott and B.B. Dickerson, under the name LowRider Band.
Another feminine form of the name Lee is Lea. It should be added to the form's information.
The name Lee (Lea / Leigh) started to become very popular in the late 60's and 70's and has continued to be steady throughout the years both as a first and middle name.
I don't think it's a boring name nor a weak name. For many, it's a family name. I personally like my name and think it fits me perfectly. I don't find it boring or just a "filler name" as so many are saying here. My granddaughter and daughter also bear the name "Lea" in their name and wear it proudly.
My daughter actually wanted her name to be "Lea" but we said she should use it as a middle name because stupid people would always be calling her "Leah" instead. So, she is Mercedes Lea. My granddaughter is Ana-Michelle Lea. Both have wonderful, strong meanings. Good strong names! :-)
Sincerely, Michelle Lea... Proud of and loving my name!
Lee "Apollo" Adama is a character from the re-imagined 2004-2009 + the 2003 miniseries version of the classic science fiction show "Battlestar Galactica" from the late 1970s. In the classic version, the character is simply known as "Captain Apollo", but is essentially not changed in the new version in relation to anything.
Hi all. My first name is Lee. And my son and nephew have Lee as their middle name. I love my name, but ironically everyone I meet, including kids, call me Lee Lee. Plus Lee finishes off loads of words. Lol, happily kindly sweetly and so on :)
A female bearer of this name is Lee Redmond, an American woman who held the record for longest fingernails. (Her nails' combined length was nearly 25 feet, and it took her 30 years to grow them that long.) Unfortunately, she had to get them cut off several years ago due to a car accident.
This name is so dull and unoriginal. It seems like every word contains the name Lee, so I find it to be very boring.
My father was Lee Hilton my wife's mother was Verda Lee her son Michael Lee our son Lee Michael. In most cases from my era (I was born in 1960) the Lee in a first name was always a man. The second name could be either. I also had a brother Gary Lee.
Lee Thompson Young was an actor who started off as a Disney star. He was in The Famous Jett Jackson, Johnny Tsunami, Akeelah and the Bee, and Rizzoli and Isles as Detective Barry Frost.He committed suicide on August 19, 2013. I believe that he was a great guy.I think that Lee is a great name, for both a man and woman.
My name is Liana, but I like being called Lee as a nickname. It is very pretty and simple for a girl! I also think it is good for a boy.
English comedian Lee Mack.
I know both males and females with this name and it suits both very well. It's a beautiful name.
Lee Ye Jin, better known by her stage name "Ailee", is an American singer signed to a South Korean record label.
I question the meaning as deriving from leah, a clearing or field. I've read this all my life and thought, what kind of parent names their child Clearing or Field? The more obvious and sensible derivation is from leeward, alee and leery which would mean sheltered or protected. This not only makes more sense from the parents' perspective but also from a genealogical one as Leah is Gaelic and the AngloSaxons used feld and velt, which are not common names. Besides, it makes my name mean something much cooler, Lee Arthur, protected of Thor, versus field of Thor. Thor was not a farmer, he was a warrior.
Lee Hyeri, better known as Hyeri, is a South Korean singer. She is a member of the South Korean girl group Girl's Day.
I love the name Lee! It's a really cool & cute name that suits both genders perfectly fine. ^_^ The English meaning of Lee is nice and so is the Chinese meaning! Lee works great as a forename and also as a middle name. :D.
Lee Everett is the main protagonist in season 1 of Telltale Games' The Walking Dead episodic adventure video game.
My name is Lee, and I hate how people keep saying it's too "old" or "plain", this is a perfect name.
Lee J. Cobb, born Leo Jacob, was an American actor best known for his performances in '12 Angry Men', 'On The Waterfront', and 'The Exorcist'.
Sooo ugly for a girl, but on a guy, this name has grown on me. It's not one of my favorites, but I think it's a good, strong name that can suit all ages.
Lee Naimo is an Australian comedian, and also the guitar player (and, occasionally, singer) in the Axis of Awesome.
Very solid and versatile. Maybe because I'm Chinese and this is also our most common surname, but most of our names are only two to four letters long. So I'm used to how short Lee is spelled.IMO I can see it on a male or female. But the only problem? Lee doesn't work on all names. Makes some sound really gross, like the words in English that end with "ly".
Lee, as a girl's name, can be used as a nickname for Leatrice.
Lee Child author of the Jack Reacher novels.
I don't see Lee being as great as a first name as I do as a middle name, but only for a female. I don't see it being a masculine name. As a middle name it can accent a name perfectly, like it does for Mandy (Leigh) Moore and Charisma (Lee) Carpenter.
Lee is a character in John Marsden's Tomorrow series. He is Asian and is Ellie's boyfriend in the first three books.
This is a family middle name on my mother's side and I am SO glad that I didn't get it. I think it's horribly boring. Luckily my older sister got stuck with it. The only way I would ever continue the tradition with my kids is if I used Lee as a double middle name. Don't want the kid to have such a dull middle name by itself.
Lee Brotherton, better known by his stage name, Bentley Jones, is an very talented British artist, song-writer, producer, composer and remixer. He is also the first ever British artist to have a major-label Japanese album after signing a deal with EMI Music Japan.
"Suzy Lee" is song by The White Stripes.
Lee Pace is the name of my favorite actor! Lee is a simple yet pleasant name. I love it.
This name is so boring and overused.
It's a simple, nice-sounding name. I like it well enough.
William Lee, or Bill Lee, is a a pseudonym, alter-ego and character of William S. Burroughs.
I am possibly using the name Lee for my daughter's middle name after one of my favorite writers, Harper Lee, who wrote To Kill a Mockingbird.
This is my baby's middle name. It's a family name on my husband's side and I think it worked very well as a middle name for our son.
I like this name as a first name on a guy. Sounds nice. I HATE it as a middle name. It is a filler middle name for a lot of people. I know a Casey Lee, Claudia Lee, Bobbie Leigh, Andrea Leigh, Hannah Lee, Kathy Lee, Meghan Lee, I mean I swear I think that people should stop using it so much as a chick middle name. Whatevs, though, you can pop bottles all night and do whatever you like. That was just my opinion. I think that it makes the best middle name if it's used for a reason, not because you can't think of anything else.
This has got to be the most boring name in the world. It has no personality at all. And please don't use it to honor that racist Robert E. Lee!
In a reversal of some of the stereotypical notions about Lee/Leigh, the old soap opera ANOTHER WORLD had (at different times) a major female character named Lee Randolph. She died after suffering from LSD flashbacks (this being the late 60s). Later a male character named Leigh was introduced, although he didn't stay too long, as I recall.Some other male Leighs: rock guitarist Leigh Stephens, and Leith Lawson, British actor and spouse of model Twiggy.Hollywood couple Ryan O'Neal and the late Farrah Fawcett were both previously married to people named Lee/Leigh, which probably led to some confusions. (She was married to Lee Majors and he had been previously wed to Leigh Taylor Young).
This name is one of the most boring and nondescript names I can think of.
Actress Lee Remick was a famous female bearer of this name and her fame no doubt help popularize it as a feminine name. Many bios cite her birth name as Lee Ann Remick, but there is no indication as to whether the "Ann" was a middle name or the 2nd element of a compound name. The same is true of actress Lee Meriwether. Using Ann (or one of its variants) as a middle name may actually give the bearer the option of going by Lee Ann or simply Lee. I have no objection to the Leigh spelling, but it has a completely different feel, as does Lea (when pronounced as a monosyllable).
A simple, clean, no-nonsense name that I think would suit either a boy or a girl.
Lee has many possibilities for a person. And I think it looks much nicer than Leigh.
My second middle name is Lee, after my mother's surname, since I took my father's surname. I disagree with the statement that Lee is just a "filler' middle name. It can have meaning, and just because it's short doesn't make it insignificant.
This is my middle name, and though I know a lot of other people in the world share it as their middle names too, and that it is a rather common, boring name to some - I actually sorta' like it for myself. It fits me. *Shall tell you why*When I was little, I used to be embarrassed because I was always told that "L-E-E" was the "boy" spelling. It seemed that I NEVER ran into anyone with the middle name Lee, spelled the same way, until I got older (I'm 15 now), and realized that it was much more common than I used to think. I really actually would have preferred Lee to remain an uncommon, rare name, because that to me, that was something "special". Another thing though, is what the name stands for - in your life, your family, etc. Some people just throw things like "Lee" and "Lynn" in there for no reason but for it to flow with the first name - but my parents gave me my 2nd name Lee for a different reason. (I was named after someone.) One of my closest friends (Jillian), has the same middle name, but spelled differently (Leigh). Occasionally I go through phases in where I wish my name was spelled that way, since it's longer. (Funny, even if it is a middle name that I'm not always being called by - as you can tell, I'm big into names, for some reason.) In all those days when I'd play games with friends, I always chose my name to be Lee. In stories, I'd use my middle name as the main character's name. And I just realized I could talk on and on about this simple, three letter name, but I'm sure people probably find it boring. Haha. I'm always interested in other people's names, (especially their full names), because a name is supposed to be what sets you apart from different people. I love to come on here and read what people write about their names, and, well, my names too. (Good and the bad, haha!) It's just really a cool thing. Anyway, if there's anyone who wants this name - do not USE it. *EVERYBODY PLEASE THINK IT'S BORING* I wish I was the only one on earth with this name sometimes. LOL!Of course, I always have my last name that can set me apart from the crowds of various Rachels and Lees, which is an rare spelling of a semi-common surname.
My grandpa's name is Lee. It's not unheard of, but certainly unusual.
Lee Jordan is best friend to Fred and George Weasley, and the usualy commentator at quidditch matches in J. K. Rowling's famous Harry Potter series.
Lee Van Cleef is an American actor who co-starred with Clint Eastwood in "The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly" as well as "For a Few Dollars More". He is also well-known for his appearance in "High Noon" and several other Western movies.
Lee Pace is an actor. He plays one of the main characters in the show Pushing Daisies. He's also in the movie Soldier's Girl, etc. He's a good actor, I think.
I liked this name so much I used it in three of my stories.
Margaret Peterson Haddix writes about a character named Luke Garner who goes under the false name "Lee Grant" in the Shadow Children sequence.
While it's a simple and nice name that works for both sexes, it's also dreadfully boring and minimalist, and it's far too common as a middle name. As a middle name, it just sounds like a filler name crammed in so that there'd be something to go with the first. It's very unimaginative and predictable.
My name is Leah, but I usually go by Lee. I like for a girl, and that's why I chose to use it. It's different and not trying to be girly like the 'Leigh'.
Lee Ranaldo is the guitarist/vocalist for noise rock band Sonic Youth.
I know a bunch of Chinese people with the first name, middle name, or last name Lee. For me, it just seems Chinese, but I guess it's English too. Lee is ok. I mean it's kinda cool, but it's also short and a little dull.
Well don't know if it's true, but my father said he named me Lee after the Chinese word for Victory. He served in the Royal Navy in the 50s/60s and spent a lot of time in Hong Kong.
LeeJ, you were half correct. "Shengli (胜利)" is the full version of "victory" in Chinese, and the "Li/Lee" part of the word (利) actually means "benefit, advantage, favorable, and sharp.
I think the name Lee is too boring. Leigh and Lea are a little better for a girl.
Richard Henry Lee was one of two Virginian delegates to the Second Continental Congress, and brought a resolution on independance from the House of Burgesses to the Congress. (The other Virginian delegate was Thomas Jefferson.)
Lee Ryan is from the boyband Blue.
I don't really like the name, it's too short and a bit boring but I do like 'Lee Ryan'. But then, I can hardly name my son after a famous singer [like River Phoenix, I really like that as well].
I read somewhere once that something like 40% of all boys named Lee (in the UK anyway) go to prison. That has always kind of put me off the name!
I personally think that Lee is a very dull name.
Lee is a great name for a boy. I like Leigh for a girl. The name Lee/Leigh works well for either boy or girl.
Love the name! Like it so much better than Leigh! It's such a wonderful first name! Lee Grace, Lee Mary, Lee Katherine, Lee Jane, Lee Dana, you just have to get used to it.
Lee is a short and pretty name for a girl, I like it. Can also be spelled as Lea or Leigh.
My middle name is Lee and it goes perfectly with my first name Stacy. It's one of those unisex names which sounds equally good as male or female.
Lee Friedlander is an influential American photographer and artist.
Lee Strasberg was one of the important teachers of Stanislavski's "method acting" at The Actors Studio in New York.
Common as a middle name.
Bruce Lee was a great martial arts expert/actor.
Lee is a short simple name that is unusual and sexy for a woman. Much better than the frilly Leigh.

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