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Hi! I'm Charlotte, but, call me Charlie, OK?Pansexual, Genderfluid/Agender, They/Them.Current PNL count: 1500+k names.
I've made all my lists rateable, so please feel free to rate away to your heart's content, of what you can/will rate of them all. There's a lot.
Top Combos:
Nikita Ravenwood Zenobia, Amelia Starshine Delphina, Teresa Sunflower Xanthia
Elliott Wolfbrand Maximus, Bastian Sherwood Horatio, Nathan Blackbird AmbroseNames I Like Not In The BtN Data Base (official and/or Submitted):
Ayiana, Branigan, Castiana, Firefly, Galathea, Hummingbird, Ravenwood
Avenger, Galladon, Helo, Kavan, Nightflyer, Stenton, Warburton, Yavin

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