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Gender Masculine
Pronounced Pron. GUYN-nar(Swedish, Icelandic)
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Meaning & History

From the Old Norse name Gunnarr, which was derived from the elements gunnr "war" and arr "warrior" (making it a cognate of GÜNTHER). In Norse legend Gunnar was the husband of Brynhildr. He had his brother-in-law Sigurd murdered based on his wife's false accusations that Sigurd had taken her virginity.
VariantsGunder(Swedish) Gunder(Norwegian) Gunder(Danish) Gunnarr(Norse Mythology)
Other Languages & CulturesGundahar(Ancient Germanic) Gunnarr(Ancient Scandinavian) Gunner(English) Günter, Gunter, Günther, Gunther(German) Gundahar, Günther(Germanic Mythology) Gunārs(Latvian)
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