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Gender Feminine & Masculine
Scripts ἰώβηλος(Greek)
Pronounced Pron. JOO-BU-LEE(English) JOO-BI-LEE(English)  [key]
Other Forms FormsJubile, Jubilé,

Meaning & History

Derives from Ancient Greek ἰωβηλαῖος (iōbēlaîos, “of a jubilee”), from ἰώβηλος (iṓbēlos, “jubilee”), from Hebrew יובל (yobēl/yovēl, “ram, ram's horn; jubilee” in reference to the year of jubilee). New research indicates the term itself is proposed to have Proto-Indo-European roots. Specifically, this interpretation proposed that Latin jūbilaeus is from iūbilō (“I shout for joy”), and that this verb, as well as Middle Irish ilach (“victory cry”), English yowl, and Ancient Greek ἰύζω (iúzō, “shout”), derived from Proto-Indo-European yu- (“shout for joy”). In this interpretation, the Hebrew term is instead a borrowing from an Indo-European language, hence ultimately of Proto-Indo-European origin.

May also refer to African-American folk songs known as Jubilees.

In popular culture, Jubilee is the 'mutant' name (a contraction of Jubilation Lee), one of the protagonists of Marvel's X-Men line of comics.
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