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Some experience with Japhetic [PIE] & Semitic [< PAA] etymology. IMHO, euphonic naming* embraces, at least, three types of names:
  1. Classical names
    • this is where conventional onomastics is most applicable (usually from foreign/historical languages)
  2. LEXONYMS: Modern language names [Clarion, Glory, Jubilee, etc.]
    • including homophones of the former [Blaze, Harry, Mark, Marysol ]
  3. NEONYMS: Made-up names (including portmanteaux)
    • TECTONYMS: (onomastic neologism) names constructed within linguistic constraints [Pamela, our own Joshana & Nissiah]
    • PARONYMS: close enough to a classical name to warrant such an interpretation [Jaden]
    • ADEIONYMS: abstract, with no meaning at all [Dweezil?] |adeio| is Greek for "empty"
*Euphonic naming is when a culture gives more weight to the sound of a name than to its meaning. Consequently, grammatical rules (like spelling) are disregarded.

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