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Meaning & History

Diminutive of CECILIA, FRANCES or PRISCILLA. It can also be taken from the nickname, which originated as a nursery form of the word sister.
Masculine FormsCecil, Francis
Other Languages & CulturesCaecilia, Prisca, Priscilla Ancient Roman Frantziska Basque Prisca, Priscilla Biblical Priska, Priskilla Biblical Greek Prisca, Priscilla Biblical Latin Frañseza Breton Francesca Catalan Cecilija, Franka Croatian Cecílie, Cecilie, Františka Czech Cecilie, Cecilia, Cille, Silje, Sille Danish Cécile, Cecilia, Prisca, Cilla, Silke Dutch Cecilia, Silja Finnish Cécile, France, Françoise, Priscille, Priscilla French Cäcilia, Cäcilie, Caecilia, Franziska, Priska, Cecilia, Silke, Zilla German Cecília, Franciska, Piroska, Cili Hungarian Sheila, Síle Irish Cecilia, Franca, Francesca, Priscilla, Scilla Italian Francisca Late Roman Cecilie, Cecilia, Silje Norwegian Cecylia, Franciszka Polish Cecília, Francisca, Priscila, Cila Portuguese Cecilia Romanian Tsetsiliya Russian Frantzisca Sardinian Frangag, Sìleas Scottish Cecília Slovak Cecilija, Frančiška, Cilka Slovene Cecilia, Francisca, Priscila Spanish Cecilia, Cilla Swedish


actresses, Charles Dickens characters, Game of Thrones characters
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