Gender Feminine
Pronounced Pron. /ˈfæn.i/(English) / /ˈ  [key·simplify]

Meaning & History

Diminutive of Frances, Françoise or Stéphanie. In the English-speaking world this has been a vulgar slang word since the late 19th century, and the name has subsequently dropped out of common use.

Related Names

VariantsCissy, Fannie, Fran, Frankie, Frannie, Franny, Sissie, Sissy(English) France, Francette, Francine(French) Paca, Paquita(Spanish)
Masculine FormsFrancis(English) François, Stéphane(French) Francisco(Spanish)
Other Languages & CulturesFrantziska(Basque) Frañseza(Breton) Stefana, Stefani, Stefaniya(Bulgarian) Francesca(Catalan) Franka, Štefanija, Štefa, Štefica(Croatian) Františka, Štěpánka(Czech) Stefanie(Danish) Stefanie(Dutch) Fanni(Finnish) Franziska, Stefanie, Stephanie, Fränze, Franzi, Steffi, Steffie, Ziska(German) Stefania(Greek) Kekepania(Hawaiian) Franciska, Stefánia, Fanni(Hungarian) Franca, Francesca, Stefania(Italian) Francisca(Late Roman) Pranciška, Stefanija(Lithuanian) Stefanija(Macedonian) Franciszka, Stefania, Stefcia(Polish) Estefânia, Francisca, Chica(Portuguese) Ștefana, Ștefania(Romanian) Stefaniya(Russian) Frantzisca(Sardinian) Frangag(Scottish Gaelic) Stefana(Serbian) Františka, Štefánia(Slovak) Frančiška, Štefanija, Francka, Štefka(Slovene) Stefaniya(Ukrainian)
User SubmissionsFanny, Fanný


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classic   youthful   informal   natural   wholesome   strange   simple   comedic  

Name Days

Sweden: February 9


Entry updated April 23, 2024