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Gender Feminine
Scripts Λεια(Ancient Greek)
Pronounced Pron. LAY-ə(English)
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Meaning & History

Form of LEAH used in the Greek Old Testament. This is the name of a princess in the 'Star Wars' movies by George Lucas, who probably based it on Leah.
Other Languages & CulturesLeah(Biblical) Leah(Biblical Hebrew) Lia(Biblical Latin) Lea(Croatian) Lea(Czech) Lea(Danish) Lea(Dutch) Leah(English) Lea(Finnish) Léa, Lya(French) Lía(Galician) Lia(Georgian) Lea(German) Lia(Greek) Lea, Leah(Hebrew) Lia(Italian) Lėja(Lithuanian) Lea(Norwegian) Lia(Portuguese) Lea(Slovak) Lea(Slovene) Lea(Swedish)
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