Popular Culture Names

These names occur primarily in popular culture and entertainment. They are not commonly given to real people.
ANAKIN m Popular Culture
Meaning unknown. This is the name of a character (also known as Darth Vader) in the Star Wars movie saga, created by George Lucas. Lucas may have based it on the surname of his friend and fellow director Ken Annakin.
BEAVIS m Popular Culture
Variant of BEVIS. This name was used in the animated television program Beavis and Butthead.
DILBERT m Popular Culture
Meaning unknown. The second element is probably intended to be from Germanic beraht "bright". This is the title character in a comic strip by Scott Adams.
DRAVEN m Popular Culture
From a surname (of unknown meaning) that was used in the movie The Crow (1994).
FESTER m Popular Culture
From the English word fester meaning "rot, rankle". This is the name of the uncle on the Addams Family television series (1964-1966) and subsequent adaptations.
INDY (1) m Popular Culture
Diminutive of INDIANA. This is the nickname of the hero of the Indiana Jones movies, starring Harrison Ford.
JARETH m Popular Culture
Probably a blend of JARED and GARETH. This was the name of the Goblin King, played by David Bowie, in the movie Labyrinth (1986).
LEIA f Biblical Greek, Popular Culture
Form of LEAH used in the Greek Old Testament. This is the name of a princess in the Star Wars movies by George Lucas, who probably based it on Leah.
MERIDA f Popular Culture
The name of the main character in the Disney/Pixar movie Brave (2012) about a medieval Scottish princess. The meaning of her name is unexplained, though it could be based on the Spanish city of Mérida, derived from Latin Emerita Augusta meaning "veterans of AUGUSTUS", so named because it was founded by the emperor Augustus as a colony for his veterans.
SANGO f Popular Culture
Means "coral" in Japanese. This name is used in the Japanese comic book and television show InuYasha.
USAGI f Popular Culture
Means "rabbit" in Japanese. This name was used on the Japanese television show Sailor Moon, which first aired in the 1990s.
XENA f Popular Culture
Probably a variant of XENIA. This was the name of the main character in the 1990s television series Xena: Warrior Princess.