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Gender Feminine

Meaning & History

Short form of names ending in ea.
VariantsDitte, Dorit, Tea, Thea(Danish) Tea, Thea(Norwegian)
Masculine FormsAnders, Andreas(Danish) Anders, Andreas(Norwegian)
Other Languages & CulturesAndriana(Bulgarian) Andrea, Andreja, Andrijana, Dorotea, Doroteja, Dora, Tea(Croatian) Andrea, Dorota(Czech) Andrea, Dorothea, Dora(Dutch) Andra, Andrea, Dorothea, Dorothy, Andi, Andie, Andrina, Andy, Dee, Dodie, Dollie, Dolly, Dora, Dorean, Doreen, Doretta, Dorinda, Dorine, Dorita, Dortha, Dorthy, Dory, Dot, Dottie, Dotty, Drea, Malandra, Thea(English) Tiia(Estonian) Tea, Teija, Tiia(Finnish) Andréa, Andrée, Dorothée, Théa(French) Andrea, Dorothea, Thea(German) Andriana(Greek) Andrea, Dorottya, Dóra, Dorina, Dorka(Hungarian) Andrea(Icelandic) Andreina, Dorotea, Dora, Doretta(Italian) Dorothea(Late Greek) Dārta(Latvian) Dorotėja, Urtė(Lithuanian) Dörthe(Low German) Doroteja(Macedonian) Dorota, Dosia(Polish) Andreia, Doroteia(Portuguese) Andréa, Andréia, Dorotéia(Portuguese (Brazilian)) Andra, Andrada, Andreea(Romanian) Andrea, Andrijana, Doroteja, Dora(Serbian) Andrea, Dorota(Slovak) Andreja, Doroteja, Tea, Teja(Slovene) Andrea, Dorotea, Dora, Dorita(Spanish) Andrea, Dorotea, Tea, Thea(Swedish)
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