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Gender Masculine
Scripts Δημητριος(Ancient Greek)

Meaning & History

Latinized form of the Greek name Δημητριος (Demetrios), which was derived from the name of the Greek goddess DEMETER (1). Kings of Macedon and the Seleucid kingdom have had this name. This was also the name of several early saints including a Saint Demetrius who was martyred in the 4th century.
Feminine FormDemetria
Other Languages & CulturesDzmitry(Belarusian) Dimitar, Dimo, Mitko, Mitre(Bulgarian) Dmitar(Croatian) Dimitri(French) Demetrios, Dimitrios, Dimitris, Dimi(Greek) Demeter, Dömötör(Hungarian) Demetrio(Italian) Dimitar, Dimitrij, Mitko, Mitre(Macedonian) Dymitr(Polish) Demétrio(Portuguese) Dumitru, Mitică(Romanian) Dimitri, Dmitri, Dmitrii, Dmitriy, Dmitry, Dima, Mitya(Russian) Dimitrije, Dmitar(Serbian) Dimitrij, Mitja(Slovene) Demetrio(Spanish) Dmytro(Ukrainian)


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