Gender Masculine
Pronounced Pron. FREHD(English, French, Portuguese)
FREHT(Dutch, German)

Meaning & History

Short form of Frederick and other names containing the same element. A famous bearer was the American actor and dancer Fred Astaire (1899-1987).

Related Names

VariantsFreddie, Freddy(English) Freddy, Freek, Frits, Rik(Dutch) Fiete, Fritz(German) Freddy(French)
Feminine FormsFrederica(English) Friederike, Alfreda(German) Frédérique(French) Frederica(Portuguese) Fredrika(Swedish)
Other Languages & CulturesFriduric, Meginfrid, Meino(Ancient Germanic) Ælfræd(Anglo-Saxon) Alfréd, Bedřich(Czech) Alfred, Frederik(Danish) Priidik, Priit(Estonian) Fredrik, Veeti(Finnish) Fedde, Meine, Minke(Frisian) Alfréd, Frigyes(Hungarian) Friðrik(Icelandic) Alfredo, Federico, Federigo, Manfredi, Manfredo, Fredo(Italian) Fricis, Frīdrihs(Latvian) Alfredas(Lithuanian) Alfred, Fryderyk, Manfred(Polish) Alfréd(Slovak) Friderik(Slovene) Alfredo, Federico(Spanish)
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Name Days

Estonia: October 29
Norway: November 14


Entry updated April 5, 2022