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Gender Feminine
Usage English, Greek
Scripts Μελίνα(Greek)

Meaning & History

Elaboration of Mel, either from names such as MELISSA or from Greek μέλι (meli) meaning "honey". A famous bearer was Greek-American actress Melina Mercouri (1920-1994), who was born Maria Amalia Mercouris.

Related Names

VariantsLissa, Malinda, Mel, Melinda, Missie, Missy, Melantha(English)
Other Languages & CulturesMelissa, Melitta(Ancient Greek) Melisa(Bosnian) Melánie(Czech) Melanie, Melissa(Dutch) Mélanie, Mélina, Méline, Mélissa(French) Melano(Georgian) Melanie, Melitta(German) Melaina, Melia, Melissa(Greek Mythology) Melika(Hawaiian) Melánia, Melinda, Melissza(Hungarian) Melania(Italian) Melania(Late Roman) Melanija(Latvian) Melanija(Lithuanian) Melanija(Macedonian) Melania(Polish) Melanija(Serbian) Melánia(Slovak) Melanija(Slovene) Melania, Melisa(Spanish) Melis, Melisa(Turkish)
Same SpellingMélina


People think this name is

youthful   upper class   natural   wholesome   refined   complex   serious  


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