Melina was my deadname (I'm a trans man). I live in a predominantly English speaking country (Canada) I've noticed people tend to have a hard time spelling it, either they confuse it with Melinda or they get the vowels wrong. It's a nice name, setting aside my personal gender based issues with it but depending on where you live you might have to get used to correcting people and/or spelling it out.
Really pretty girl's name.
Also used in Spanish. There are 950 bearers of this name in Spain (source: Instituto Nacional de Estadística).
I feel this is probably the most usable of the Mel- names at the moment, besides Melisandre, but this one has the benefit of not being after a pop culture witch. Melina is cute and lively and has an innocent air to it.
Sounds so made up!
Also Hungarian:
I love it.
Was the name of Lou Sedaris's dog :)
Also Romanian (you'll find bearers on social media).
The ENGLISH IPA pronunciation is /mə.ˈliː.nə/ (mə-LEE-nə) or /mə.ˈlin.ə/ (mə-LEEN-ə). [noted -ed]
Mila would be a good nickname.
I had a friend named Melina once. I guess I like this name even more because somebody I know and love bears it but regardless of that, it’s a beautiful melodic name. Reminds me of sweet honey and good old times.
I feel like I shouldn't like this name as much as I do. I'm Polish, and in Polish the word Melina has a definitely negative association. It is a colloquial term for a place where people from the so called margins of the society meet to drink alcohol and do drugs, or it could be used to mean any kind of filthy, neglected and ugly house. No wonder then that despite Melina looks like it could be very easily adapted to Polish, it's not listed in any popularity rankings and not used here.
When I first came across this name I was all like "What?! What a freaky name!". But getting used to things makes a huge difference. Now the name Melina doesn't make such an impression on me. While for sure I would not use it on a child for the above mentioned reason, nowadays I think it looks really nice and sounds very sweet, as a name, in a different language. It's very graceful and feminine and I think it ages well, is dynamic and energetic, and very girly and subtle. I have auditory-taste synaesthesia and Melina tastes kind of like a sponge cake with a slight orange-y feel.
When I imagine a person called Melina, I can imagine her any age but the first thing I see is a small girl about the age of 6. Her hair is the colour of honey, her eyes dark blue, and she has a small, round face with rosy cheeks. She is rather finely built and has a lot of charm and agility. She is also very charming when it comes to her personality. She's sweet and may even appear angelic. She shows signs of having a lot of empathy since an early age, and likes to share with people and make them happy. She can be very chatty and outgoing with people she trusts and with her loved ones, though may at the same time be very shy around strangers, as well as prone to worry and irrational fears.
This is just how I imagine a person called Melina, not how I think all Melinas are or should be like, I don't even know anyone with this name actually.
Melina is a Greek speech synthesiser developed by Nuance.
Melina Borglowe is a Swedish singer.
Also Occitan: (Source: Institut d'études occitanes.)
My name is Melina and I like it a lot, I believe it's a pretty name without even knowing the meaning behind it. Well sometimes people get mixed up with "Melanie".
My name's Melina and its from Carmela/Carmelina, my grandmother. Sometimes I'm called Mel but the name is short enough to be said as a whole. It means honey in Greek, "is sweet as honey".
So pretty.
Melina - God’s Gift. Soft in nature.
Used in Sweden and Netherlands.
The name Melina ranked 36th place in Germany in the year of 2016. In 2015, 2014 and 2013, Melina ranked 35th place. (Source:
MELANO is Georgian version of this name, really cute.
My name is Melina and I believe this name is very pretty. Melina means beautiful and warm-hearted. Just say Melina, it sounds amazing! I love my name. Everyone should be named Melina (except for boys).
I work as a nurse, and the image I get when I hear 'Melina' is the medical definition of the same (differently spelt) name:
The passage of black, tarry stools composed largely of blood that has been acted on by gastric juices, indicative of bleeding in the upper digestive tract.
While Melina is quite rare in Finland, it was added to name calendar in 2010. Melina's name day is May 5th.
Melina Nava Pérez is a popular Mexican-American professional wrestler, employed to World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE).
I think it's a great name. It's sophisticated and mature without being cold. And it seems to capture all sort of elements to a person's personality, from fun to serious to intelligent to sexy to angry to girly.
Melina is the name of Doug Quaid (Arnold Schwarzenegger)'s primary love interest in the sci-fi action movie "Total Recall" (1990).
This name means "sweet honey" in Latin. :)
Melina Kanakaredes (actress).
Melina is derived from the diminuative of Carmela being Carmelina and to which the prefix maybe eventually removed to make Melina.
I don't see how anyone could name their child Melina. It sounds exactly the same as (and is just one letter away from) "melena" which is the medical term for black, tarry, foul-smelling feces.
I love this name, more than I love Melinda. It's just so elegant, and not over the top. I might name my daughter it, if I ever have one.
Melina is my name. I don't really like it, but I can bear it. It's a unique name. I've only met one person with the same name, but her's is in different spelling. (Mine is Melina, her's was Mileena.) My parents named me after a Hispanic friend of theirs. They didn't know what it meant, but I read elsewhere that it meant honey.
It has a sultry sound to me--flavorful and attractive without being brash or extravagant.
I think of Melina as too close to Melinda even though they're completely different. I don't like it though because, to me, it just doesn't role off the tongue nicely.
This is almost a perfect name (and I'm very hard to please - when I say almost perfect, it means perfect). It's soft and feminine, so beautiful and makes me think a pretty, happy girl or woman. I think this name fits both little girls and old women. So wonderful name. If I ever have daughters, I'd probably name them Melina and Leah.
Gorgeous name, very elegant.
This name appeared on the top 1000 list in the 1980's and is still on it, just not too popular.
This is a very pretty name and a nice alternative to the overused Melissa. Mel and Lina and be used as nicknames.
Melina Kanakaredes is a famous Greek actress who starred in the TV series 'Providence' and is now on CSI: New York.
Melina is a very beautiful name for a girl. Not a fad name either which is nice.
My name! It seems like there wouldn't be many nicknames for it, but you'd be surprised. I, for instance, am called Lina, Mina, Mo, and Melenard.
I've been told that it means 'canary-yellow colored', but 'honey' is a more accurate translation.
Melina Mercouri, a Greek filmstar, goddess and legend is one of my idols. She achieved so much and fought bravely for her rights as a Greek. I also find her name very beautiful. She gives honour to the name, I think.

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