Gender Masculine
Pronounced Pron. VAWLF(German)

Meaning & History

Short form of Wolfgang, Wolfram and other names containing the Germanic element wulf meaning "wolf". It can also be simply from the German or (rarely) English word.

Related Names

VariantsWulf(German) Velvel(Yiddish) Wolfe(English)
Other Languages & CulturesUffe, Ulf(Danish) Úlfur(Icelandic) Ulf(Norwegian) Úlfr(Old Norse) Ulf(Swedish)


People think this name is

informal   natural   devious   strong   rough   strange   simple   serious  


Sources & References

  1. Förstemann, Ernst. Altdeutsches Namenbuch. Bonn, 1900, page 1643.

Entry updated January 21, 2022