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Gender Masculine
Usage Hungarian
Pronounced Pron. LAS-lo
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Meaning & History

Hungarian form of VLADISLAV. Saint László was an 11th-century king of Hungary, looked upon as the embodiment of Christian virtue and bravery.
Other Languages & CulturesVladislav, Vlado(Bulgarian) Vladislav, Ladislav, Vlado(Croatian) Vladislav, Ladislav, Vladan(Czech) Ladislas, Ladislaus(History) Ladislao(Italian) Władysław, Władek, Włodzisław(Polish) Vlad(Romanian) Vladislav, Slava, Vlad(Russian) Vladislav, Vladan, Vlado(Serbian) Vladislav, Ladislav, Vladan, Vlado(Slovak) Vladislav, Ladislav, Vlado(Slovene)
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