Gender Masculine
Usage English
Pronounced Pron. RIE-ən

Meaning & History

From a common Irish surname, the Anglicized form of Ó Riain. This patronymic derives from the given name Rian, which is of uncertain meaning. It is traditionally said to mean "little king", from Irish "king" combined with a diminutive suffix.

In the United States this name steadily grew in popularity through the 1950s and 60s. It shot up the charts after the release of the 1970 movie Ryan's Daughter. Within a few years it was in the top 20 names, where it would stay for over three decades. Famous bearers include the Canadian actors Ryan Reynolds (1976-) and Ryan Gosling (1980-).

Related Names

Feminine FormsRyann, Ryana, Ryanne

People think this name is

modern   youthful   wholesome   strong   simple  


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Entry updated January 21, 2022