Gender Masculine
Usage Irish, English
Pronounced Pron. RIE-ən(English)

Meaning & History

From an Irish surname that was derived from Ó Riain meaning "descendant of Rían". The given name Rían probably means "little king" (from Irish "king" combined with a diminutive suffix).

Related Names

Feminine FormsRyann, Ryana, Ryanne(English)

People think this name is

youthful   wholesome   strong   simple  


actors, actresses, athletes, Barbie characters, cities, Doctor Who companions, film titles, Fire Emblem characters, footballers, ice hockey, Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia characters, kings, littleness, musicians, Phantasy Star characters, pop music, pop singers, Quantico characters, royalty, singers, sizes, storms, surnames, television, The Great British Bake Off contestants, The Haunting characters, The Office US characters, Thomas and Friends characters, Tiger and Bunny characters, top 10 in Australia, top 10 in New Zealand, top 10 in Northern Ireland, top 10 in the UK, Total Drama characters, towns, trendy, True Detective characters, TV show titles, uncertain etymology, unisex, VR Troopers characters, Wii Sports opponent Miis, Wild Arms characters, Will and Grace characters, YouTubers

Entry updated June 13, 2019