Like it as a male's name. Very eww on a girl. The meaning is clearly masculine but why would someone parents name their daughter this? Maybe they were hoping to get a boy...
I don’t like it, very associated with Ryan’s world.
Ryan only works as a girl name if you name a boy this you are very weird and wrong.
It sounds nice and good enough. Only for boys.
Name of the day 4-11-22.
Ryan is a nice name, and I know both guys and girls with this name.
I've seen this as a girl's name too.
I absolutely hate it. Makes me think of a vain, obnoxious, and arrogant boy. Sorry.
I have reconsidered my opinion above. It's alright and it's cool. I don't mind an unpleasant person with this name. I've never heard of it on a girl in my opinion. I prefer for a boy only. I'm so sorry for the previous rude comment.
My name is Ryan. I stick with it because that’s what ya do. It’s a dumb name I never liked it. “Little king” -what man wants to be referred to as little anything? In this culture, where size and dominance are in such demand, little king is idiotic. Thanks guys for allowing me to introduce myself as a weakling for life.I may as well be called junior. Or benign. Or prissy. Or something like that.People... Don’t name your kid as if they’ll be your toy forever. If you want your child to be respected, and to respect you later, pick a proper name.
Ryan is the name of my best friend! It's a really nice name for someone! I think it can apply to both boys, girls and etc.
Ryan Woods is a character from Greenhouse Academy.
Ryan is a nice name for a boy.
I hate it, it’s ugly and hideous, and it’s even worse for a girl.
Cute name. It means Little KING. If you name your son this, it's like saying he's a gift from God, since God is the High King. I don't like it for a girl though...
This is just my opinion on naming girls Ryan. I named my son Ryan, always loved the name. He’s now 25. His junior year in high school he was one of 14 boys named Ryan on his high school football team. It was kinda laughable. I don’t know how a girl might feel being named Ryan, with that many male Ryans around. I could see how people might like the name for a girl, but, would she feel unique, or uncomfortable? My Ryan was always referred to by his full name, as all the other Ryans were, otherwise nobody would know who they were talking about. I love the name, but I didn’t realize everyone else that year also liked the name Ryan. Also, the name Ryan means Little King! Just my thoughts..
Makes me think of an 18 year old blonde boy that talks like every single guy ever and drunk and high 24/7.
Pals, please stop saying Ryan is just for boys and stuff. Ryan is a name, that is all. There are far worse ways names can be used than naming a newborn girl Ryan (Abcde for example). Personally, I find Ryan a beautiful name. If you’re getting hurt because a name sounds too masculine or feminine or whatever, that is honestly your problem.
I just can't picture this as a girl's name. I've heard it as a girl name but the sound... is not feminine!
I like this name, it's cute. Ri is a cute nickname. I think it sounds good on girls and boys.
Honestly, I really don't like this name it's just too BASIC like 401,800 and even more have this name it's totally not UNIQUE parents these days just don't care about what they name their child this sounds bland and is a typical white bread lame name the Rye part is like Rye bread and even if it means little king I'd never want to name one of my sons Ryan I'd name my son Leonardo or Xavier just not Ryan the name I really like is Lionel you pronounce it (Lay-uh-nuhl) those are really handsome strong names please parents don't let there be 401,8001 and more people named this! This is just a boring ugly and bland name and don't even get me started on Bryan and Ryan for girls but I'm not trying to offend anyone that is named Ryan bye!
Really handsome.
Very handsome but too common.
I like the name Ryan, but it's too popular. It just sounds misplaced on a girl, especially with the meaning being clearly masculine.
Ryan is a great name for a boy, terrible for a girl. Why would anyone name their girl that name? That is just wrong, it doesn't sound feminine at all.
Ryan is a male name and will always be a male name if it really was unisex then the home page would say masculine and feminine.
I have never liked this name. It's even worse on a girl.
I absolutely hate people saying Ryan is a feminine name (my name is Ryan and I'm male). LET ME HAVE MY MASCULINE NAME! Stop messing it up for us male Ryan's we don't want female Ryan's. What do you want to take away from us male Ryan's next? Our balls? Maybe we should start nick naming male serial killers Emma to take away the feminine trait of the name, see how you females like it. IDIOTS!
This is a very nice name but way too common. I know 4 males named Ryan but just do NOT get me started on naming girls this.
I think this is very nice.
Hella overused.
I love this name so much :') I don't really know why but it's just a gentle kind of name and though I unfortunately recently met a jerk named Ryan, most Ryans I've met are really cool.
Ryan's toys reviews/ Ryan's world.
Ryan is a great name. Love it. Only ever thought of it as a boy's name.
Parents should name their kids this name in honor of the almighty Ryan's World.
(P.S. This is my 100th name comment!)
Meh, I prefer Bryan. Ryan sounds like something is missing...
Ryan Gosling.
OMG STOP SAYING THAT RYAN IS ONLY A BOY NAME! IT'S BOTH. It's frustrating. Ryan is a great name for girls too. Are all of you living under a rock?! Names should not have genders.
Some of these comments are laughable. “ Ryan’s a stupid name”, it’s for boys not girls”, it’s a no no, it means little king and girls are queens” & the best... can’t boys just have their own names. Where do you people live? Get over yourselves. It’s 2021 & many of you are living under a rock. I know several girls names Ryan and many boys. It’s a great name for either or. Yes my opinion. So those like myself that are thinking of naming your daughter Ryan, don’t be deterred by these awful comments.
This name is great for a boy! But this name for a girl is a big no-no. This name is awful for a girl please choose a real name for your daughter, a girl's name not this. Not some masculine boy's name!
I completely agree with Anonymous User..The masculine names should be for boys ONLY.
Thank you for agreeing with me.
I have always loved this name for a boy. It’s cool for girls too but I like it better for a boy. This is what my parents would’ve named me if I was a boy, which I think is part of why I like it so much. I would love to use this name someday!
A modern classic. I like Ryanne or Ryann for girls.
Love this name.
Ryan Sheckler is an American pro skateboarder.
This spelling is a masculine spelling, I think I agree with one of the recent comments that you shouldn’t say stuff just because they are mostly used for males and a female has the name. Ryen does sound feminine though, if you want to name a female this, try spelling it “Ryen” instead.
I’m sorry, but this is not a girl name in my eyes. I knew a women with the surname Ryan, but otherwise, no thank you.
My name is Ryen (yes that's how it's spelled) and I am a girl. I have a very strange double standard with my name. Personally, I don't like it that much. I normally go by Ryn most of the time. But I cannot stand when someone spells my name with an A. My teachers sometimes make this mistake and it drives me crazy! I've also gotten bullied because of my name, people say that "oh, Ryan is a boy's name". Look, a name is a name. You shouldn't say that a name belongs to one gender just because it seems more masculine or feminine. I've met 3 people whose name were Ryan (one of which was spelled Rihn) and two of them were girls. I'm not saying the name is perfect, but just keep in mind that names can be for both genders.
As a woman named Ryan in the 1980s I can tell you it has been an experience. I was often called out as strange by teachers who were “looking for a boy” and sometimes even misgendered by my peers because of my short hair and clothes depending on the day. Now for the real fun part...
My legal documents are also messed up. The people in the legal offices looked at my name and put me in as male and not female. I’ve given natural birth twice, but I’ve still had to jump through all sorts of loopholes to fix my birth certificate and other documents. Androgynous names are adorable, and I really do like them but if you choose to take that route when naming your children make sure you double check all forms of records and documents so when it comes time later for passports, marriage etc your child does not run into these issues.
Ryan Evans from "High School Musical".
You can name your child whatever you want, it's your decision they are your child. Names do not have genders.
I like the name Ryan, and I think it's a wonderful girl's name. I think naming a girl Ryan is like naming a boy Riley. Originally, it was a one sex's name, but people made it unisex.
Don’t name a girl Ryan unless you’re going to name a boy Emma or Kaitlyn. Why are masculine names with masculine meanings becoming kre8tyve feminine names but not vice versa?
Despite that, I think Ryan is a good, solid name. It’s a little too common for my tastes, but I think it’s the most perfect middle name. It’s easy to spell, easy to pronounce, and doesn’t need any respelling. Love it.
I agree with you that Ryan should be used on boys & men NOT girls & women!
Why NOT give all names starting and ending with man & son like Alison, Hudson, Jameson, Jason, Madison, Samson, Sonali, to boys & men NOT girls & women! I would be named Josephine in case my parents didn't pick the name Sonali for me! You can see that name Sonali starting with "Son" plus names Alison, Hudson, Jameson, Jason, Madison, Samson ending with "Son"
Let's see how many boys & men have names both starting & ending with "Son" like Alison, Hudson, Jameson, Jason, Madison, Samson, Sonali in USA!
Time to start a new trend of giving all names starting and ending with "Son" to boys & men in USA!
This name is the best name in the world, 100% recommend for a baby boy.
It's a good name but it is not one of my favourites, it is also very popular where I am from (was at its peak in the 90s). Good, solid name but not enough inspiration for consideration.
To everyone saying this "can't" be a girl's name because it means king, what do you say to all of the current female names that derive from names meaning king or man? The name Cassandra means "man," but I bet each and every one of you squawking about Ryan still recognizes Cassandra as a feminine name. The name Caroline and Charlotte both ultimately mean "man"--you'd still call them feminine. Why is it such an incomprehensible thing for a girl to have a masculine name, like Parker or Jordan? Is it equally earth-crushing and absolutely abhorrent for a man to have a feminine name, like Alexis or Casey? The world won't end because someone isn't conventionally named. None of the female Billies I've known have put the planets out of alignment, nor have any of the male Sashas made the stars wink out from the sky.There is no reason for any name to be exclusive to one gender. It is a name. It is something someone resonates with for its sound or for its meaning. I promise the English language will not fall to pieces if you meet a girl named Ryan. Mine certainly didn't.It's a nice-sounding name, and it's short and concise. Ryan is as feminine-sounding as Erin or Cheyenne, as masculine-sounding Tyson or Silas, and perfect for anyone who wishes to be called it.
When I think of that name Ryan, I always think of boys and men wearing V-shaped singlets everywhere! That's because Ryan means little king and most little kings tend to wear V-shaped singlets everywhere! Why not give girls names starting or ending with either "Son" or "Man"? When you give girls names starting or ending with either "Son" or "Man", your daughter can be your little son or man because of these names starting or ending with either "Son" or "Man"! That is what my parents named me when I was born and they gave me that name starting with "Son" because they wanted to think of me as their little son even though I am woman! I think that it is better to give names starting or ending with either "Son" or "Man" to your daughters NOT Ryan!
I prefer Bryan.
Boys can't have any names for themselves, can they?
My high school was overrun with Ryans. Very popular in the 80s and 90s.
I like this name for a boy or a girl. Yes, Ryan for a girl. Gasp! The horrors! Oh my stars! It’s not any different from naming a girl Charlie or Jamie or Ashley. Ryan is also a LN. It is customary in the American South to name your child with the mother’s maiden name. Many daughters are also named after their fathers. Some parents choose to feminize it while others do not. The comments of 'ridiculous', 'horrible', 'they’ll be made fun of' are laughable.
Giving the name Ryan to your daughter is just completely ridiculous! Why not go the whole hog and just call your daughter Kevin?
Swap that name Ryan for Kevin when you want to name your daughter Kevin! Let's see how many girls have that strange name Kevin!
Isn't Kevin becoming a strange name for girls? Let's pick that strange name Kevin for your newborn daughters and see how your daughter feels when you give that strange name Kevin to your daughter!
How could girls be little king when they are named Ryan? Names that mean "little queen" are good for girls! Is there any names that means "little queen" for girls? Isn't that strange when girls have a name that means "little king"? Ryce is the female version of Ryan so girls would go nicely with Ryce NOT Ryan! Let's find a name that means "little queen" so that would be appropriate for girls!
I agree with Anonymous User 3/28/2020. Also, the names Regina, Raina, and Reina all mean "queen".
Get with the times people. ANY name can become a girl name (at least in the USA). Granted I’m from a generation and area where Ryan was super popular on boys... I know SOOO many male Ryans. But whatever. If I met a female Ryan and she was nice, I’ll associate the name Ryan as a lovely girl name too.
Same goes for a boy Madison I just met. Was a bit surprised (didn’t let him see that) and now I think it’s perfect for him :) (yea I know Madison is a traditional boy name but not at the current time I’m writing this).All these comments on saying it’s way too masculine...that’s only because of your life experience with the name. Phonemically it’s soft sounding and if you never met a Ryan before it could easily be female. Just my opinion. I’m pretty open about choosing names though.
Good for a boy or girl!
Ryan Guldemond, one of the lead singers in the Canadian band Mother Mother. They're awesome!
Ryan means "little king". Stop giving girls this name. It is weird. It's way too masculine for a girl.
These famous bearers of this name are Ryan Joseph Newman, Ryan Truex, and Ryan Reed who are full time racing drivers in NASCAR!
This is a fantastic name for a girl. I have met several girls named Ryan and they were all gorgeous and sweet. Much preferred over something like Rosalind.
Ryan is the best name you will ever get. It means you are a little king and how would they not be a little king.
As a girl named Ryan, I never realized how much people hated the name. I don’t think girl names need to sound feminine and Ryan is a nice simple name, girl or boy. The only thing I’d say is in school doing attendance you could tell the teacher looked at the boys for a Ryan but I kinda enjoyed surprising people by being a girl. Never been bullied for it or anything like that. It’s a good name for anyone.
Ryan is nice for a boy. I don't get why it's being used as a girls' name? It does not sound the least bit feminine to me...
Not really my thing.. I feel like there are more names you can take instead of Ryan but it’s not a bad name. Name HIM Ryan if you want!
This is a pretty safe name choice, but in my opinion it only works as a boy name. Ryan sounds much more masculine. If you name a girl this she might get teased and people will assume she's a boy.
This is like the default boy name for people who can’t think of another one. It’s fine though.
Ryan Seaman is a musician, once in the power pop band The Brobecks and now in the solo music project I Don’t Know How But They Found Me.
Ryan is the name of a Wii Sports opponent Mii.
A horrible name!
As a trans boy, when I come out to my family I should probably have a name for them to call me that feels right. It didn't take me long to realize that the name that really fit me was Ryan. It's beautiful, yet so simple. I would even have the same first name as Ryan Ross, a former guitarist in the band Panic! At the Disco, a band I have a strong emotional connection with. Ryan is a truly great name, and I would 10/10 recommend it to any other trans guy or person about to have a child!
Ryan Elizabeth Jones is the daughter of Ethan and Casey from the reality show “Quints by Surprise”.
So simple. So common yet so sweet.
I think Ryan is more of a boy’s name. It means “little king” and it was originally a boy’s name. Not to mention it has feminine versions too! That’s not to say Ryan can’t be a girl’s name, it can. There are some typical boy names I don’t mind for girls, and Ryan is one of them. It’s cute and different for a girl, even though I like the name better for a boy. If I were to name my daughter Ryan, I would probably use Elizabeth as a middle name, because it probably means “queen”, so that might make things interesting.
Ryan Bergara is the writer, narrator, and host of Buzzfeed Unsolved.
I'm not the most patriotic when it comes to me being a Ryan myself, but if you want something more uncommon but something that still fits in with the crowd, go with this. Also, calling a girl 'Ryan' should be classifiable as child abuse.
Every Ryan I have met has been very kind and sweet. I like this name because it is classic, but not too overused.
In Germany, it is illegal to name a kid Ryan
I love the name on a girl, but abhor it for a boy! I don’t think any name should be used for a boy at all, since boys suck and girls rule! Ryan is an elegant name to have and you should be proud to have it, unless you are a boy. If you're a boy, ha ha ha ha! I absolutely dislike Ryana. It’s trying too hard. To me Ryan sounds feminine enough, kri8tiv names like Ryanne and Ryana sound ugly. Leave this to the girls!
To the user under me, don't be such a misandrist. Ryan is a very masculine name. It means little king not little queen. It's not a good name for girls. There are girls that suck too you know?
Ryan is nice as a unisex name, but I see it more as a male name because it is traditionally masculine and strong. As a female's name, it’s also nice, especially Ryana, Ryann, and Ryanne. But I prefer it as a boy's name. Cute name by the way! I like the meaning too! “little king”. Maybe if it’s used for girls, it should be “little queen”, or is that for Ryana? Ryan is probably going to become my favorite male name in the future.
Ryan Atwood is the main character on the FOX soap opera show “The OC”.
It’s such a soft and kind hearted name. Every Ryan I meet is so sweet. My husband's name is Ryan and he hates that people always confuse it with Brian.
In 2018, 25 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Ryan who is registered male with the Social Security Administration. It is the 40th most common male first name for living U.S. citizens. In 2018, 3 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Ryan who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 1, 469th most common female first name for living U.S. citizens.
I think Ryan is a very handsome name. I can't see any problem with it. I prefer it on boys & men, but it's not such a big deal for me to hear it on a girl or woman. It's not awful like Addison or Truman on a girl.
It's a nice enough name for a guy, but on a girl it looks ridiculous.
Ryan is such a terrible name and it's overrated. Also the name is ugly and boring. It's a typical white bread lame name. I agree, very bland name Ryan uhh. Why would anyone name their girl that name? That's just wrong also it's a dumb name for a boy too. Like I said, so overrated.
Such a bland name. Rye bread!
I actually like this name a lot. It's strong and handsome sounding.
I think that in certain cases this would be a name for a boy and a girl, but spelling would have to change.
This is a great name for a male! It is masculine, strong and handsome. I NEVER thought of this as a name for a girl. A feminine form would be Ryann or Ryanne but NOT Ryan. I'm a female and the men I have met named Ryan have been terrific people.
A very solid name. I don't really like it, because it's so popular and sounds a bit dated, but it should be an easy enough name to have or use.
When one in ten school age kids are burdened with names like Smith & Jones, I'll accept Ryan as something other than a surname.
I too think Ryan is a stupid name. And every time TSA gives me grief trying to check in by getting my name backwards I say: "Look at my date of birth, I'm too old to have been named Ryan or Moonunit"
The name was never popular until after Charles Patrick RYAN O'Neall started using it. It wasn't even his first name!
My name is Ryan, I am a man, and I love the name. I have always loved the name. My wife is pregnant with our first and there have been times where I wish it wasn't my name so I could use it for my child. I love the meaning, the sound of it, the look of it, everything! I'm very thankful my parents chose this.
I hate Ryan as a first name.
I'll name my daughters Ryan John, William James and Oscar Jacob. Aren't these amazing names for girls? How could they become strong women if they have weak, feminine names? I'd also like to use Richard and George... for girls, of course.
Ryan Booth is a main character on the ABC show 'Quantico'. He is portrayed by Jake McLaughlin.
I don't like this name at all on a boy or a girl. It just sounds so ugly and stupid.
Golden State Warriors' Stephen Curry has a daughter named Ryan.
Ryan Pierce is a character in the movie Girls Trip played by actress Regina Hall.
This name sounds better on a girl. On a guy? Not really, sounds kind of wimpy for a dude.
Comes across as a lame name, especially for a boy.
Ryan Sweeting is a Bahamian-born former professional tennis player. Sweeting was born in Nassau, Bahamas. Lately, he has been living and training in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. In September 2013, Sweeting became engaged to actress Kaley Cuoco after three months of dating. They married on December 31, 2013, in Santa Susana, California. Cuoco announced in September 2015 that she was filing for divorce. The divorce was finalized in May 2016.
Ryan Whitney Newman is an American actress, singer, and model. She is known for her roles as Alison in the Thundermans, Ginger Falcone in Zeke and Luther, Cindy Collins in Zoom, and Emily Hobbs in See Dad Run. As a child model, Newman has participated in photo shoots such as Inspire Magazine, Kaiya Eve Photoshoots 2009 and Dream Magazine, as well as modeling for fashion designer, Sherri Hill. Newman not only works in films and television shows, but has also appeared in commercials.
I love this name. Definitely one of my favourites.
Ryan Yoshitomo Kurosaki is an American former professional baseball player whose career lasted for seven seasons. A right-handed pitcher, he appeared in seven games, all in relief, for the 1975 St. Louis Cardinals. As such, Kurosaki was the first Asian-American to play Major League Baseball.
Ryan Higa known by his YouTube username nigahiga, is an American comedian, YouTube personality, and actor. He is known for his comedy videos on YouTube, which have been viewed over 3 billion times. Higa's YouTube channel, nigahiga, was the most subscribed channel on YouTube for 677 consecutive days from 2009–2011, longer than any channel other than PewDiePie. As of February 2017, he has over 19 million subscribers, making his channel the 14th most subscribed on YouTube. Higa is also of Japanese descent, specifically Okinawa Prefecture.
Ryan Potter is an American actor and martial artist. Beginning his career as a professional actor at the age of 15, Potter is perhaps best known for his starring role as Mike Fukanaga in Supah Ninjas and for voicing Hiro Hamada in Big Hero 6.
Absolutely LOVE Ryan for a girl. I named my daughter Ryan Elizabeth (she's 13 now) and everywhere we go people love her name and/or know another girl named Ryan. I feel it is a "soft" name (not harsh sounding letters) so it works great for a female. My daughter loves her name and she's fairly popular, athletic, pretty, and always referred to as sweet and kind. Kids and adults always remember her and I think her name has helped her stand out a little. It's a great girl name, highly recommend it.
I LOVE this name for a girl and if I were to have a daughter I would name her Ryan. I prefer it spelled in the traditional manner. While the name is fine for a boy I actually prefer it for a girl and could care less that it means "little king". Ryan sounds like a fun, strong, confident, and attractive female name.
I've never been a fan of this name. It always made me think of dumb jocks. It also reminds me of Ryan Lochte, who has proven himself to be a jerk, especially after that scandal where he was caught lying to the cops.
I definitely agree with the above poster. Ryan Lochte really made me hate this name. Not only did he lie to the cops about being robbed, but he's also really stuck-up, spoiled, racist, and spends too much money on shoes. He's a terrible role model for young men. (And don't get me started on Ryan for girls. Why would you give your daughter such a masculine name?)
Ryan Tedder is the lead singer for OneRepublic.
My name is Ryan and interesting story.When my parents brought me home after being born they played "Can't wait to be a mighty King" from Lion King, no joke. And the funniest part is that I had no hair on my head so Zazu's line with "Well, I've never seen a king of beasts with quite such little hair" really makes sense. They played the song because my name means: "Little King." I'm also using my own fantasy variant of my name in my upcoming fantasy novel series. I won't give it away, but its real life translation is the name Ryan. Also, I've always been fascinated with Ireland and its history, so I love that my name is of celtic origin.And I am seriously shocked that my name conjures up the "Perfect" guy for a lot of people. Good omen, I guess? :DSo that's my little birth story. I think the name Ryan conjures up the image of a youthful yet mature, refined, formal, writer's sort of name. Like it's that learned English expert who's good with fencing and archery, who always quotes literary greats while on adventures... or misadventures, you always call a nerd but is a blast to have around on an adventure. I also think it's the name for quite the romantic hero. Well there's my personal impression of my name.
My name is Ryan and although I do know a few other people named Ryan, I still prefer it over being named Chris or John.
I don't see why there are a lot of girls named Ryan, Ryan doesn't sound the least bit feminine!
Ah, Ryan Evans, anybody?
I like this name well enough. To me it's rather like Matthew, Michael or Joseph. Strong and attractive in sound, but ubiquitous and honestly rather bland. This name does sound a bit young as I have trouble imagining a 50 or 60 year old man named Ryan. So I think that Ryan is a strong solid name that I find fairly uninteresting. That's why I would use it as a middle name, it can pair up with a lot of good names since I do find it to be a bit plain.
It just sounds like the name of an average, ordinary guy. While that's not a bad thing to be, it makes the name a little boring, in my opinion. While it's definitely more soft-masculine than hard-masculine, I don't find Ryan to be the slightest bit feminine. If you want to name a girl something like this, then I'd suggest Ryanne or Rhiannon instead, as Ryan simply sounds misplaced on a girl.
Hate this name for a girl. Forgot this is a unisex name. Ugg.
To me this name is bland, but I don't hate it, I just tolerate it.
I am a girl and my name is Ryan and I love it. Because you're the only one who is a girl with that name and people complement you on it, also even if people go 'that's a boys name' they are dead scared of you because if you're a girl Ryan, you're freaking fabulous (Like myself). I have always loved my name and I would not change it for the world because it is FABULOUS.
My daughter's name is Ryan. I was 14 & watched a movie called"Hiding Out" with John Cryer. The love interest in the movie's name was, you guessed it, Ryan. I have loved this name ever since and vowed if I had a girl she would be named Ryan. She is now 13, beautiful & has never been teased about her name. I wanted something nobody else had for I was deemed with the most boring name possible. My daughter's name has no bearing on whether she's female. It is original for a girl & I hate when I see this name becoming more popular for a girl. Don't second guess yourself if you want this name for a girl. It works better for a girl than a boy. Love it, own it, it's original. She will only be a child for a few more years and blossom into a lovely woman with a name nobody else has. It's to me more a girls name than a boy's name. I love it, enough said.
I love the name Ryan. It's on the top of my list. I know a lot of Ryans BUT they're all my age :) There's very few that will be my kiddo's age.
Back again, and yes, I used it. It's my son's name. I do think it's ridiculous how the US is the only country that perpetually uses boy's name as girl's names. It's nearly impossible to find a good boys name now that someone won't have to ask if he's a girl. Silly. At least if he travels, no one will assume he's a girl.
I know 2 girls and 3 boys named Ryan. It really is a unisex name, kind of like Jordan. I don't particularly love it, but I don't cringe every time I hear it. The Ryan's I know all love their name, especially one of the girls.
My name is Ryan and I'm a girl and I absolutely HATE it! Seriously, my name totally ruined my life. To parents who think that Ryan is a cute name for a girl - DON'T NAME THEM THAT! They'll hate it! My name makes me feel ugly and masculine, and I'm embarrassed all of the time because of my name. And I know boys who share the name, and it makes me feel MUCH worse. So just DON'T name your little girl Ryan. It'll ruin their life.
Ryan Drummond (born January 10, 1973) is an American voice actor, actor, singer and comedian. He is best known for having voiced Sonic the Hedgehog in the video games from 1999 to 2004.
I'm a girl and my name is Ryian. I used to not like it because it is difficult sometimes with people mispronouncing it or mistaking me for a guy but I love it now because it is unique & I have never met anyone with the same spelling. I'd much rather have my name than have a typical/common girl's name and know 10 other people with the same name.
This should not be used as a female name. If you want a feminine version go with Ryanne or Ryana. And this name is way too common for boys anyway, there are like 20 Ryan's in my school! Give it a rest already!
For me this name is like Noah. It's normally a boys name but I prefer it on a girl.
Ryan is a good name, and I would seriously consider using it... if only I didn't know SO MANY RYANS! I'm surprised Ryan has never actually cracked the top 10 in the States, because it seems as common as Michael or John in the Midwest. Ryan and Brandon, both really common names in the Midwest (and often, if I meet a Ryan, he has a brother named Brandon).
Ryan is a nice name, but even though everyone here seems to think it's a masculine name and even I wouldn't use it for a girl, I think it's still rather feminine. When you pronounce it, there's an "Anne" in the end.
Ryan is a HOT guys name. :D It's very handsome sounding! The meaning "little king" is adorable! ^_^
I think Ryan works for boys or girls, but better for boys.
I think that this name can work for boy or a girl. I think it wonderful for a boy and beautiful for girl. I am a girl and my name is Ryan and I always loved my name and thought it was different. No one ever made fun of me because I was girl named Ryan. A lot of the time while I was going to college people would say Mr but I would laugh about it.
My little brother's name is Ryan and he's in Elementary school. I always think of him as a young prince when I look at him, not a king. He looks like one, and has a playful spirit. I don't think it would make a good last name though, but it is a great first name for a boy.
Ryan was almost unheard of as a first name (except perhaps in families where it was the mother's or grandmother's maiden name) until 1964, when it was popularized by the American actor Ryan O'Neal (born 1941) because of his role in the very popular night time soap opera Peyton Place. O'Neal played the love interest opposite a young Mia Farrow. The name's popularity probably increased because of O'Neal's role in the sentimental 1974 movie Love Story.
Another famous bearer is Irish singer Ryan Kelly - an accomplished soloist as well as part of the vocal group, Celtic Thunder. :)
Yuck. I hate this name! I feel like I'm the only one who does, but it's just too common and trendy. And for GIRLS?! Are you kidding?! I never would've thought of that, but I guess these days there really is no gender line, and it's a surname, so I guess that should've been a hint that it's also trendy for girls. It's common and not in a way that it deserves to be common, like John or Michael, but in a 'oh my god everyone decided they loved this name at the same time' kind of way. I don't mean to offend anyone with this name, but it really has no individuality. A Ryan is just another Ryan, most likely not the first anyone's ever met. It's boring, bland, not exactly classic, and best kept as a surname. It doesn't look like it'll be dying out anytime soon, which is a disappointment to me. I guess it'll age well (but will probably be very dated) but on a girl it'll be a complete and utter joke. Parents really need to rediscover what 'femininity' is because I think we've lost the idea.
Ryan sounds very weak. Boys and girls names should be strong. Even if Ryan means King, the sound of the name is just boring and like I said weak. I prefer strong boys names.
This name can be for both genders, I know a guy named Ryan, and a girl named Ryan. I like it for either gender, and it sounds good for both as well, if you like unisex names Ryan is a great choice. The female Ryan doesn't get picked on or bullied about having a "boy" name either.
For people saying this is a name only for girls I think you're wrong. Especially the ones saying it because the meaning is little king because truthfully this name is a surname so thousands of little girls have it part of their name. Including me and we have been rocking the meaning of little king for years.
Ryan is a nice name. I think people should name their children whatever they want. If someone wants to name their daughter Ryan it's really not anyone else's business. Just because it means "little king?" ha really? People don't name their children based on the meaning of the name. MOST people name their children based on how much they LIKE the name, or because it has meaning to them personally. For example, my mother's friend was gonna be named Sue whether she was a boy or a girl because of Johnny Cash's song "A Boy Named Sue" or whatever it's called. Johnny was before my time. So if someone wants a child named Ryan and they just happen to have a girl and name her Ryan anyway, not only is it no one's place to criticize them for that, but it's also perfectly acceptable, different, and cute.
I love this name for a boy. There are so many beautiful girl names out there I don't know why people insist on giving their daughters boy names. It means "little king" so it is most certainly a masculine name.
I love the name for both a boy and (especially) for a girl. You have to give a girl a strong name, just like you would a boy. A weak name doesn't instill any character in a girl and the damsel-in-distress mentality only works in movies. I think it works nicely for both sexes.
So women need male names to be strong? You’re being just as sexist as the other user I had to reply to. If you name your daughter Ryan because you said it’s gonna help her be strong, she might just grown up to be a very feminine girly girl who is “prissy”! And you’re just going to give her a feminine middle name anyway that sounds princessy. You might name her Ryan just to help her be strong and tomboyish, but you’re still just gonna dress her up in the traditional feminine way. A girl can be strong from any kind of name. There are girly girls with both girly and strong names and tomboys with both girly and strong names, and they’re doing fine! You can name your daughter Ryan if you want, with a feminine middle name or not, but you have to accept the personality she wants to be. I think a girly princess with a masculine name is kinda cool. Most boy names on girl fans would actually be nice enough to give the girls feminine middle names. I like Ryan Amelia. Yes I love boy names on girls too, but not paired with something that’s unfeminine too. And I would make a girl with a boy’s name the girliest she could ever be. And Ryan isn’t ESPECIALLY for a girl. It’s mainly for a boy. It’s okay for it to be unisex, but I like it better for a boy. Don’t ruin Ryana!
Great male name. Terrible female name! There's something interesting and exciting about a guy named Ryan for some reason, so I guess I have to agree with several of the comments about it being a sexy (MALE) name.
Giving the name Ryan to a girl is just completely ridiculous! Why not go the whole hog and just call her Howard?
My name is Ryan, I'm a girl, and I've come to love it. Though mine is spelled Rhyan to make it somewhat more feminine.
"Ryan" is a song by Eyes Set to Kill about a man who killed himself.
In some cases, I have heard Ryan as a girls name. One of my sister's best friends is named Ryan, and it suits her well. It can be used like one uses Charlie or Alex. I love it, personally.
People, stop hating on this name! I know a girl named Ryan, and she's just like every other 7th grader at my school. It's even a character in various books, including mine.
Pretty nice name for a guy. It's a breath of fresh air compared to the over-used Brian. However, it sounds awful on a girl.
I named my son this 10 years ago. It was a character on Young and the Restless. I like the sound of it and thought it was not very common. Now I find it to be more common than originally thought but he has yet to have anyone in his class with the same name! I am not against girls having it if he had been a girl I seriously considered giving to her anyway but I do think it is better for a boy.
Ryan is a nice name for a guy. I hate it when people use it on girls. It doesn't sound feminine at all.
It's good on a boy, terrible for a girl. It may sound cool when the girl is 13, but can you picture an 80 year old woman named Ryan?
Ryan is a strong, simple name, but it's somewhat bland and becoming very overused.
Ryan on a girl?! YOU'VE GOT TO BE KIDDING! I had no idea this could be for a girl! It's like trying to use the name Daniel or whatever on a girl! Why use this when there are SO many girls names to choose from!
When trying to name my daughter, we came up with Hailee and the only middle name that clicked was Ryan, however, we spelt it Rianne. Our other two daughters both have the 'iann' in their name as well.
Ryan Buell is the main paranormal investigator on the A&E show, Paranormal State.
Russian-American producer Peter (Demskiy) Douglas and Lisa Marie Schröder have a son Ryan Demskiy, born 2000.
It surprises me sometimes how vehement people get on the topic of names. (As if there weren't serious issues to worry about in this world.) Well, my two cents on "Ryan." The name took off in the 60s, in part due to the emergence of Ryan O'Neal as a popular young TV actor. It also appeared to be a good alternative to Brian, the luster of which was beginning to fade. As a last name, Ryan seemed to suddenly figure into a lot of movie and TV titles by the late 60s early 70s ("Ryan's Daughter," "Ryan's Hope"--even "Von Ryan's Express"). Since last names often give rise to first names of EITHER gender, it's not surprising that girls, as well as boys, were given this name. This tendency is pretty common in the South (Lee being a good example). A female "Ryan" was given birth on the show "Ryan's Hope," as I recall. It was a classic example of a family name being bestowed on a grandchild. That's how it works folks. A female Brian is a lot less likely than a female Ryan--in part, because Brian as a last name is rather rare.
One of the best war movies ever: Saving Private Ryan.
Ryan Newman is a young child star, she stared in one of the worst movies ever made "Zoom".
Why do people feel the need to screw up a name? Rhyon, Ryanne, Raienne. Are you kidding me? It's Ryan. R-Y-A-N. These so- called 'kreatyve' names are just gaudy.
Famous bearer: Ryan Howard from The Office. He was formerly the Dunder Mifflin Corporate Supervisor, but was then arrested. Very recently, he joined the Michael Scott Paper Company.
I like this for a girl or a boy. It sounds wholesome. I prefer keeping the spelling Ryan for either. "Ryann", "Rianne", etc. for a girl reads like it would be pronounced Ry-ANN, which would be a horrible name in my opinion. It's funny how just changing the emphasis changes the feeling of the name completely.
I like this name a lot. I think it'd be cute as a girls name too. I don't know why though.
This is a really good boys name. But it would be very original if someone spelt it "Rhyan" or "Rhyon".
Ryan Shuck is an American guitarist and singer for the bands Orgy, Julien-K and Dead By Sunrise.
Ryan Lochte is a swimmer who won many medals in the Beijing Games in 2008.
Producer Peter Demskiy and Lisa Marie Schröder have a son Ryan Demskiy, born 2000.
This is my boyfriend's name and it's definitely a sexy name! But I can't stand it on girls. For me it's a boy's name.
It's my middle name. I don't mind it since I'm male. But I can't stand it on a girl. What about this name sounds feminine? Plus I hear it on girls so often I seriously want to scream.
Number 13 for boys in 2005. I love this name. It's just sweet and loveable.
Fictional Characters:
Ryan McGregor from Noughts and Crosses. He bombs a shopping center.
Ryan Godfrey: he's just a thug. Right now, I hate this name, despite my love for Irish names. It's better on a girl, it expresses individuality.
This is a good name for a guy, but overused big time. At least this is one of those safe names that you can't really go wrong with. It sounds very ordinary, which is safe, but also a bit boring. However, at least you won't run the danger of picking an infantile name if you choose Ryan. But why would anyone use this on a girl? The name is so masculine that it wouldn't even sound okay on tomboys, androgynous young women, or female indie rocker types. For a woman, this name is just terrible, regardless of looks and all that.
Ryan Russel is a photographer who has photographed The Almost and Underoath.
Ryan is a lovely name for a girl. It was my mother's maiden name and I named my now 25yr old daughter Ryan. She married this summer a wonderful man named Bryan, and his best man was Ryan, the poor lovely priest!
One of my friends' name is Ryann, and she's a girl. Before I met her, I thought it was a boy's name but now this name reminds me of a girl. I was going to use this name in a story but it just wasn't working anymore.
I have been doing research for a while on male names and guess what? I finally decided to go with Ryan.
I don't really like to name myself a popular name but this name is unique(even though many people have it) and has a wonderful meaning, "little king". I am not Irish or anywhere close to it but I like the translated meaning.
I am a 20 year old male and I will be changing my name at the court in no time. One more Ryan :) in USA.
Actors Kate Magowan and John Simm have a son Ryan Simm, born 13th August 2001.
My name is Ryan and I love it and I'm a girl. I had a period a couple of years ago when I hated my name and just went by my middle name, but I learnt to like my name and now I love it.
A famous bearer is the pro skateboarder Ryan Shcekler.
Ryan is an okay name for a girl, but I prefer Jonathon or Bill. *Rolls eyes*
I just gotta say, what is up with all these girl Ryans? I don't really like it on a girl.
I know three girls with the name Ryan. One is an all-star high school basketball player in our town, one is a newborn and the other girl named Ryan is my daughter's friend. I like the name Ryan for a girl. I think it's a cute name. The "an" sound reminds me of Ann. Perhaps that why I think it is fitting for a girl. I also like it on a boy though.
Well I do know a lot of Ryans, both from shows and real life. I think this name is pretty good. My cousin's name is Ryan Evans which is funny because he shares the same name as Ryan from "High School Musical". I think it would make a lovely girls name too. "Rianne" or "Riane" would get a bit confusing after a while.
British drum´n´bass DJ Roni Size's real name is Ryan Williams.
One of my middle names is Ryan. I don't like it much as a first name for girls, but I love being called Madison Leigh Ryan (I can't tell you my last name, mehe!)
A famous bearer of this name is actor Ryan Merriman.
Nice enough name. I know a lot of Ryans and it seems pretty common but thankfully not as bad as Johnathon or Joshua.
I've met a few girls named Ryan but I think it's much more of a guy's name.
Ryan Tubridy is a talk show host in the show Tubridy Tonight. I hate this name as it is a surname, not a first name.
I do like this name, but it's too common--plus most of the Ryans I've known were similar people, popular and preppy, generally nice people, but often a bit airheaded.
Ryan is a terrible, TERRIBLE name for a girl. My name is Ryan and even though I'm 19 and at the age when most people come to terms with their names, I still hate mine. Parents, don't believe anything about male names on girls being "unique" or "spunky", it just makes me feel ugly and manly and causes all kinds of problems for me. I'd love to change it, but unfortunately I think my mom would never forgive me if I did. The point is, for the love of God, don't call your daughter Ryan. Please.
I think Ryan is a horrible, horrible girl's name. Why would anybody name a girl, Ryan? Unfortunately Ryan is my last name. And in school, when getting the attendance read, they would read my last name first and look around for a boy. But I am girl.
Ryan means 'evolved' because it evolved from the name Brian.
A famous bearer is Ryan Seacrest, host of American Idol on the Fox channel. He's GORGEOUS!
I personally like the name Ryan. It is an Irish name, and I like names that reflect my Irish heritage.
Ryan is a great name. The Ryan I'm know is definitely the perfect guy. :D
A famous bearer of the name is Ryan Cooley, who plays JT York on Degrassi: The Next Generation.
I love my Ryan and I know seven other Ryans. All of them are men whom others have a good impression about. Clever. Social. Funny. Unique. Stubborn. Giving. Determined.
Ryan Daley is one of the four main characters in Left Behind: The Kids by Jerry Jenkins.
Ryan Evans is a character from the "High School Musical" movie. He is played by Lucas Grabeel.
I love this name to bits! I always have. It is very popular where I live, though, and there are 3 Ryans in my 10th grade English class alone. Everyone's name is Ryan! That's okay with me, though, as I adore this name. My favorite of all the Ryans that I know is tall, handsome, kind, and very poised. He reminds me of a prince, so I think his name is very fitting for him. This name is wonderful. :)
I have always liked this name. It is a strong name and it is very sexy!
Ryan is my brother's name! And he sure is a perfect little boy and the little king of the house! Well I think I would probably name my daughter Ryanne for her uncle! If the pronunciation is feminine I don't see why you shouldn't call a girl using a boy's name! Ryanne doesn't sound masculine, it's sweet.
I think it's sexy.
My science teacher from 7th grade's name was Ryan. It was a girl teacher, too. Ryan should be a boy's name, but if you spell it Rianne or something more feminine, I think it's ok.
I love the name Ryan for a boy, but I would never name a girl Ryan. Yes, there are some names out there that are appropriate for a boy and a girl, but this name isn’t one of them. Ryan is a boy's name, and should only be given to boys. Whether I would name my son this or not remains to be seen. Although I love the name, it is very popular, and I think it’s starting to get overused.
Ryan Gosling is a famous actor. He plays Noah in "The Notebook".
Ryanne and Ryenne are cute ways to spell the name for a girl.
One of my best friend's name is Ryan. Ryan is a cute name.
In the horror/thriller movie Thirteen Ghosts one of the ghosts' real name is Ryan.
My son Ryan is 17 and yeah he thinks he's a little king alright! When he was little his Polish great-grandma used to pronounce his name ray-ann. When we named him I didn't want him to have the same name as my husband Brian, but we still go through all kinds of confusion on people not knowing who is who between them.
Ryan Stiles who played Lewis on "The Drew Carey Show."
Ryan is such a strong boys name. I wouldn't give a girl this name at all.
I love the name Ryan for a boy. It is masculine and handsome sounding. I myself wouldn't give this name to a girl.
Famous bearer is Ryan Cabrera, an American singer.
Since Ryan is pronounced RI-UN, the name Ryanne is a completely different name. This name is really ugly for a girl, and giving boy names to girls is a trend that is getting really boring. Time to come up with something new.
Ryan Ross is the song writer for the band Panic! at the Disco.
Ryan Ross from Panic! At the Disco, but his real name is George. His middle name is Ryan.
Cool name, probably quite popular too. I know quite a few people with this name.
I love this name, especially the spelling form Rian. I think people need to use it more often, and I probably will!
My name is Ryan. I love my name and think I am a "perfect guy" and a "little king". Ha ha!
Two scoops of Ryan, in your Kellogs Ryan Bran. Not very bright people, at all.
A famous bearer of the name Ryan is Ryan Dunn from the show Viva La Bam.
The star of 'Love Story' (1970), actor Ryan O'Neal (born April 20, 1941 in Los Angeles, California), bears this name.
Actor Ryan Phillippe is a famous bearer.
Ryan Phillippe's real name is actually Matthew Ryan Phillippe.
Ryan is my first son's name and I love it! He was a beautiful, perfect baby and now a handsome little 3 year old! His name fits him very well because he is my little king! Sorry girls, this name is for a boy and will always be. It means little king and you will never be a king. I feel so sorry for you. Maybe you can get your name changed. Parents, don't name your girls Ryan.
I love this name for a girl, in fact, I gave the name to my daughter. I spell her name Rianne and pronounce it Ryan, NOT Ree-ann! I thought the "i" would be softer and more feminine than a "y" and I thought the "anne" was more feminine than "an". Just my thought. Her middle name is Ashleigh. Now, doesn't that roll smoothly? Rianne Ashleigh?
The name can also be spelled: Riane. May be confused with "Raine" though.
I think that Ryan is a cool name for a girl! My name is Ryan and I am a girl! I used to be ashamed of it because it was a boy's name and now I think that it's awesome that that's my name!
Impression: the perfect guy.
For those who bear and/or are about to bear this name, I have nothing against this name, but I think 'Ryan' sounds better for a boy.
The spelling Ryann also exists and is mostly used for little girls.
The popularity of the first name Ryan for both girls and boys increased in part due to the American soap opera Ryan's Hope (1975-1989), which centered on a family with the surname Ryan.
Ryan is the main character from "O.C.". I think it's a wonderful name. It makes me think of, I don't know, the "perfect" guy. :S

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