Gender Feminine
Pronounced Pron. PEH-tro-nehl-law(Hungarian)  [key·IPA]

Meaning & History

Dutch, Swedish and Hungarian form of Petronilla.

Related Names

DiminutivesPernilla(Swedish) Ella(Hungarian)
Other Languages & CulturesPetronia(Ancient Roman) Pernille(Danish) Parnel, Pernel, Peronel, Petronel(English) Pétronille(French) Petronilla(Italian) Petronilla(Late Roman) Pernille(Norwegian) Petronela(Romanian) Petronela, Nela(Slovak) Petronila(Spanish)
User SubmissionPetrónella

Name Days

Denmark: May 31
Hungary: May 31
Sweden: May 31


Entry updated April 25, 2021