Gender Masculine
Pronounced Pron. thee-AHD-蓹-rik(English)  [keyIPA]

Meaning & History

From the Gothic name *Þiudareiks meaning "ruler of the people", derived from the elements þiuda "people" and reiks "ruler, king". It was notably borne by Theodoric the Great, a 6th-century king of the Ostrogoths who eventually became the ruler of Italy. By Theodoric's time the Ostrogoths were partially Romanized and his name was regularly recorded as Theodoricus.

Related Names

Other Languages & CulturesDiederik, Dick, Diederick, Dirk, Ties(Dutch) Dederick, Derrick(English) Tiidrik(Estonian) Thierry(French) Diedrich, Dietrich, Diederich, Dieter(German) Theoderich(Germanic) Tielo(Medieval German) Þeudōrīks(Old Germanic)
User SubmissionTh茅odoric

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Depiction of Theodoric the GreatDepiction of Theodoric the Great


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