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Gender Feminine
Scripts Ναταλία(Greek) ნატალია(Georgian) Наталия(Russian, Bulgarian) Наталія(Ukrainian)
Pronounced Pron. na-TA-lya(Polish, Italian, Spanish)
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Meaning & History

Latinate form of Natalia (see NATALIE).

Related Names

VariantsNatalee, Natalie, Natille(English) Natalie, Nathalie(German) Natalie, Nathalie(Dutch) Natalie, Nathalie(Norwegian) Natalie, Nathalie(Danish) Natalie, Nathalie(Swedish) Nataliya, Natalya, Natali(Russian) Nataliya, Natali(Ukrainian) Nataliya(Bulgarian)
DiminutivesNatalka(Polish) Natalina(Italian) Nat(English) Nata, Natasha(Russian) Natalka(Ukrainian)
Masculine FormsNatale(Italian) Natalio(Spanish) Natalius(Late Roman)
Other Languages & CulturesLatasha, Natisha(African American) Natallia(Belarusian) Natàlia(Catalan) Natalija, Nataša(Croatian) Natálie, Nataša(Czech) Nathalie, Natacha(French) Natália(Hungarian) Natālija(Latvian) Natalija(Lithuanian) Natalija, Nataša(Macedonian) Natália, Natacha, Natalina(Portuguese) Nathália(Portuguese (Brazilian)) Natalija, Nataša(Serbian) Natália, Nataša(Slovak) Natalija, Nataša(Slovene)
Same SpellingNatália, Natàlia
User SubmissionNatalía


People think this name is

formal   upper class   natural   wholesome   refined   complex  

Name Days

Greece: August 26
Hungary: December 9 (as Natália)
Poland: July 27
Poland: December 1
Russia: September 8
Slovakia: October 6 (as Natália)
Sweden: December 29


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