Gender Masculine
Scripts Ζαχαρίας(Greek)
Pronounced Pron. zak-ə-RIE-əs(English) za-kha-REE-as(Late Greek)  [key·IPA]

Meaning & History

Greek form of Zechariah. This form of the name is used in most English versions of the New Testament to refer to the father of John the Baptist. It was also borne by an 8th-century pope (called Zachary in English).

Related Names

VariantsZachary, Zachariah, Zechariah(Biblical)
Other Languages & CulturesZakaria, Zakariya, Zakariyya(Arabic) Zekharyah(Biblical Hebrew) Zaccharias(Biblical Latin) Zahari(Bulgarian) Zachary, Zechariah, Zac, Zach, Zachariah, Zachery, Zack, Zackary, Zackery, Zak(English) Sakari, Sakke, Saku(Finnish) Zacharie(French) Zakaria(Georgian) Zakaria(Indonesian) Zaccaria(Italian) Zakaria(Malay) Zachariasz(Polish) Zacarias(Portuguese) Zakhar(Russian) Sachairi(Scottish Gaelic) Zacarías(Spanish) Zekeriya(Turkish)
User SubmissionZachariáš


People think this name is

classic   mature   formal   upper class   urban   strong   refined   strange   complex   serious   nerdy  

Name Days

Denmark: March 15
Germany: November 5
Greece: February 8
Greece: September 5


Entry updated May 29, 2020