Also used in Sweden, along with Sakarias. Zacharias is the most common spelling though (about twice as popular as Sakarias)
I always think of Zacharias Smith from Harry Potter when I hear it.
Zack de la Rocha, the front man of the rap rock group Rage Against The Machine, birth name is Zacharias Manuel de la Rocha.
It is also used in Modern Greek and German. [noted -ed]
It is also rarely used in English (Zachary is more used).
Zacharias Barnham, one of the opposing attorneys ("Inquisitor") in the game "Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright."
In Sweden we spell the name Zacharias as Sakarias.
This name is a great alternative to Zachary, because it is nowhere near as common. It sounds strong and impressive.
Zacharias Kunuk is an Inuit filmmaker.
Zacharias Wrench is a character in the 1981 novel, Goodnight Mister Tom, by Michelle Magorian.
Zacharias Smith was a minor character in the Harry Potter books.

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