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Gender Masculine
Usage Japanese
Scripts 伸一郎, 伸一朗, 進一郎, 進一朗, etc.(Japanese Kanji)
Pronounced Pron. SHEEN-EE-CHEE-ṘO:
Other Forms FormsShin'ichiro, Shinichirō, Shinichirou

Meaning & History

From Japanese 伸 (shin) meaning "lengthen" or 進 (shin) meaning "advance, make progress", 一 (ichi) meaning "one" combined with 郎 (rou) meaning "son" or 朗 (rou) meaning "bright, clear". Other kanji combinations are possible.

Famous bearers of this name are Japanese baseball player Shinichiro Kawabata and Nippon Professional Baseball pitcher Shinichiro Koyama.
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