My daughter is named Leonie and we call her Leonie or Leni for short. Ive loved the name ever since I first heard it and love the sound and flow of it with the strong 'lion' meaning behind it. I've had so much positive and unexpected feedback on it (have had people call it beautiful, strong, unique, cute)! I know Im biased but such a great name!I actually really am not a fan of the name Leona as well but just love Leonie. They're totally different names to me.
It’s nice as a nickname for Leona or just on its own. Leonie is a very pretty name.
I like both Leona and Leonie.
I really don't like it. It sounds like a type of sausage.
I love this name, but I prefer Leona with Leonie as the nickname. Leona is my favorite name.
Unusual and pretty.
Leonie sounds beautiful and elegant in German. In English, however, the pronunciation is obnoxiously ambiguous. English speakers would most likely naturally pronounce it "lee-OH-nee", but might be tempted to say "LEE-uh-nee". For English speakers, "LAY-o-nee" is a bit unnatural, and they'd resort to "LAY-nee".
My name - people call me Leo or Lion because the French version means Lioness.
I'm always seeing this name mentioned online by people from English speaking countries and I cannot understand why. It may be nice in the languages of origin, but it sounds so forced and awkward in English. Say it out loud, and I think you'll see, but maybe my view is skewed since I love Leona so much.
I loved the name Leona, but eventually got tired of it as it started to sound not quite right to me. But Leonie is everything I loved about Leona and more- it's more sophisticated and lovely-sounding, while also being the spunky Lion name I wanted from Leona. I would love to have a daughter named Leonie, with the nickname Leni.
In England Leonie is usually pronounced lee-O-nee and sometimes pronounced lay-O-nee or LAY-ə-nee.
Also used in the Netherlands. A famous fictional bearer is Leonie van Oudijck, the adulterous wife of the main character in Louis Couperus' famous 1900 novel "De Stille Kracht".
I love it. My friend wants to name her daughter Leoni (the Croatian form of this name) someday. This name also reminds me of my brother whose name is Leo (LEH-o).
Possible nicknames could be Lee and Leo.
We pronounce Leonie like Lee-knee. Not Lee-O-nee as a lot of people use, this is my sister in law's name, but hardly anyone pronounces it like this.
Aurelie is right (about Léonie). In Germany, the name is pronounced LAY-o-nee, not le-O-nee which would rather be the English variant. [noted -ed]
Pronounced as "Le-aw-nee".
This is currently the most popular name for girls in Switzerland.

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