Just found out about this name. I don't like Eleanor too much, but Leonora is wonderful!
Also used in Bulgaria, spelled Леонора :
Sophisticated and old-fashioned, love it!
Also used in Corsica:
You'll find bearers on social media.
Italian Pronunciation: leh-o-NAW-ra.
We named our youngest daughter this in 2010 after my greatgrandmother, named Lenore. We call her Nora as a nickname but everyone we meet absolutely loves her full birth name. I'm sure it's a bit heavy for a 4 year old but in 60-70 years, it's going to fit her perfectly.
Also lee-o-NO-ra in English. (I knew one.)
The name Leonora is GORGEOUS, BRILLIANT and SPECTACULAR! (“⌒∇⌒”)
Leonora is an opera by Ferdinando Paer.
The Italian pronunciation is leh-oh-NOH-rah.
Leonora (1621-1698) was the daughter of King Christian IV of Denmark and his second wife Kirsten.
Leonora Carrington OBE (6 April 1917 – 25 May 2011) was a British-born Mexican artist, a surrealist painter and a novelist.
Greta Garbo's character in Torrent (1926) was named Leonora Moreno.
I love this name. It's delectable.
Lee and Nora are obvious nicknames.
Leonora, Queen of Castile, daughter of King Henry II of England and his wife Eleanor of Aquitaine.
Leonora's sisters were Matilda, Duchess of Saxony and Joan, Queen of Sicily.
Leonora Carrington is a surrealist artist and author.
Perhaps it is pronounced lin-o-ra in English but this is an Italian name and its pronunciation is leo-no-ra.
This name sounds weird, makes me think of a leotard, and the 'n' makes it sound kind of nasal.
Other websites list the orgin of this name as Greek. The Greek name means "compassion" or "light".

Fun fact: 696 Leonora is the name of an asteroid orbiting the sun.
Leonora is a lovely name. It happens to be mine.
No offense but I just don't like the sound of this name. There are many much prettier names out there.
I absolutely love this name, and it's pronounced Lin-or-a, not Leon-or-a.
I think Leonora is a lovely name. ♥
Other sites list this name as meaning "light" in the Spanish tradition or "brave as a lioness" in the German. All are interesting and still a beautiful name!

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