Lesya, Lesia - [ˈlʲesʲə] (in Russian)
Lesia Vasylivna Dychko (Ukrainian: Леся Василівна Дичко, born Liudmyla (born 24 October 1939) is a Ukrainian music educator and composer.
Lesia Valadzenkava or Volodenkova (born 1 May 1991) is a Belarusian ice dancer. With partner Vitali Vakunov, she is a two-time Belarusian national champion.
Reminds me of the word "lesion".
Lesia is also an alternative spelling of Lesya.
I know a Ukrainian woman named this, who pronounces it LESH-ah. However, she also goes by Alex (I guess as an Americanized nickname), so I'm guessing Lesia in that case is short for Aleksandra.
I pronounce my name Lee-sa.
Lesia is also a Ukrainian name. I met a woman named Lesia and she pronounced it LAH-sha. There's also a book about a Ukrainian girl called "Lesia's Dream."
This name is pronounced LEH-see-ah.
This name is a shortened form of Alessia. It is commonly used as a nick-name.
Lesia is a lovely nickname for Alessia. I spend most of my childhood going by it because Alessia took a long time for the kids to pronounce.

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