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Nate Ruess (lead singer of the band Fun.) and Charlotte Ronson recently welcomed a son named Levon.
Acajou  3/13/2017
The name Levon was given to 108 boys born in the US in 2015.
HerculePoirot  6/22/2016
I like this name, but I prefer the spelling as 'Leven.'
codenameflame  8/4/2011
In Armenian, Levon is written as: Լևոն .
Lucille  9/6/2010
Levon Helm is an American recording artist most popular in the early to mid 1970's. Lead singer and drummer of the band, The Band. Some of their hits were Up On Cripple Creek, The Weight, Jemima Surrender. Also, he played Loretta Lynn's father in Coal Miner's Daughter and the blind man in Three Burials of (Spanish name). I've read that Levon Helm was the inspiration for Elton John's song. Levon Helm also has had two fantastic albums in the past few years. Dirt Farmer being the best, in my opinion. Although he's an acquired taste and not for everyone, he's one of my favorite Americana artists. I named my first dog, a Jack Russell/Rat Terrier mix, Levon. I sing a weird little song to him. "Levoooon you're my doggy and my fraaaand. The goofiest dog in town" He smiles big or runs out of the room. Can you tell I'm a fan?
caried1  5/9/2010
I think this has always been my favorite male Armenian name, even though I ordinarily prefer names that aren't so common. It sounds so sweet and strong. You can also get the cute nickname Levy out of it.
Anyechka  8/24/2009
The Armenian pronunciation of Levon is LEHV-ohne.
― Anonymous User  12/29/2008
Uma Thurman's son's name is Levon Roan.
nothingshortoftragic  1/11/2007
Levon is an Elton John song.
Gemma  10/7/2005

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