Hey this is a Leyla, coming to say thank you all for the name compliments! I’m not the most fond of my name but those things made me feel better about it! I’m insecure because there’s like a million different spellings of it (the English one, as I am English).
Gorgeous, elegant, superior and WAY better than other names. Leyla is a glorious name. A Goddess.
Awful name and spelling!
The spelling isn't too bad, but I prefer Layla.
Leyla Mafi, from Arak, Iran, had been prostituted by her mother starting from the age of 8. Leyla had a developmental delay (at the age of 19 she was assessed to have a mental age of 8 years old). Among the men who paid to rape the disabled child were several male relatives. She had three children, the first at the age of 9 and then twins at age 14. At age 19, she was condemned and faced the death penalty for the "moral offenses" of debauchery, incest, and illegitimate motherhood. Lawyer Shadi Sadr intervened on her behalf, and her sentence was reduced to public beating and imprisonment. After 2006, Ms. M was sent to a rehabilitation center and eventually came to reside in an apartment with a caretaker.
The name Leyla was given to 399 girls born in the US in 2016.
Leyla Milani Khoshbin is an Iranian-Canadian model, actress, TV host and entrepreneur. Milani was born in Toronto to Iranian parents, and she is married to Iranian entrepreneur, real estate investor and author, Manny Khoshbin.
Leyla means " dark beauty, born at night" in arabic.
This is also the Turkish form of Layla. [noted -ed]
Leyla Gencer was a famous Turkish opera singer.
Leyla Harrison (1972-2001) was a prominent fanfic writer for "The X-Files". After she died of cancer, "X-Files" writer Frank Spotnitz memorialized her by creating and naming a character after her. The character, who appeared in two episodes in the eighth and ninth seasons, was known for her obsessive, occasionally nitpicking devotion to the minutae of Mulder and Scully's cases.
A girl named Leyla is a model for the gameshow Deal or No Deal.
I prefer this spelling of the name best; perhaps it's the way I pronounce it that makes me like it.
Very beautiful name.
Leyla means "night and the light that brightens it" in Arabic.
Leyla Razzaghi (better known as Leyla Milani) is an actress and model.

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